Unboxing a SPYDERCO SLYSZ BOWIE!? (+ Lots More!)



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21 thoughts on “Unboxing a SPYDERCO SLYSZ BOWIE!? (+ Lots More!)

  1. Jon Duncan says:

    That mail stud is on the mordax and it’s about $5.00 or less and holds up. I have one on a knife that I use heavily and I wondered if I should loctite the screw a little… bit a few years later and it held up without a budge. I have used to pry open bottle tops and it should have fallen off a while ago. They’re just hard to make sure about fitting. Sometimes I swear I made sure and it will feel bit weird on wider spines.

  2. formationIT says:

    Yes indeed, MC, the Slysz Bowie IS that special. I look forward to your review. I bought mine 5 months ago on the secondary market for 1/3 above retail. Now, a short 5 months later and people are consistently asking double retail. I am glad I ignored the naysayers and bought it when I did because I would not pay double for it. Rather than bringing back the Bowie, I hope Spyderco does a new Marcin Slysz design, like the Swayback. Now that would be cool. Be well.

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