Unarmed Combat (Defendu) – British Army, Home Guard 1941

A Training film for the British Home Guard (British Army) on unarmed combat. The instructor is none other than Capt. W. E. Fairbairn and the narrator is David …

21 thoughts on “Unarmed Combat (Defendu) – British Army, Home Guard 1941

  1. Mark Roberts says:

    Er, what's going on? Palm strikes and chops? This is like Bruce Lee's version of Dads Army!

    I was expecting more like the narrator saying in a clipped voice "That's right, knee him in the crown jewels and ruin his prospects. There's another jerry down. Gawd bless the King" or something.

  2. Joanie Kennedy says:

    To the naysayer of the system, Brittan along with the allies won the war and it was because of good tactics like this, simple direct easy to remember stuff. Martial arts is for sports with rules of conduct. This is for war with no rules except live or die.

  3. audie crear says:

    Great admirer of fairbairn's work in the field of combatives,though not really impressed with any of his books (scientific self-defence or get tough!) With what seems like rudimentary techniques. I can see in some instances(i'm no expert) where fist and elbow strikes could have been used why he neglects this no one knows check out the oss-s.o.e. training syllabus and you'll see what I mean.

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