Unarmed against a knife-problems, issues and concerns

Some things to think about when training for an armed attacker. What if he is experienced? It isn’t easy to deal with a knife and some things should be addressed …

4 thoughts on “Unarmed against a knife-problems, issues and concerns

  1. JingShenKuoshu says:

    Very good comments. Being an aggressor against an opponent with a blade makes no sense. If you are ever in a situation where you have an attacker with the blade. 1st. Up the Weapon (get a gun, longer blade, longer blunt force weapon). If that does not work, learn to counter fight. You must respond to an opponents reactions and close in quickly and violently.  Best move. Run, get the hell out if you can.

  2. JustAintThatWay says:

    track 8-10 teachers on youtube all standout impressive
    some of them have addressed knife scenarios
    yours the only one factors in the 'reality' of
    strong odds youre gonna get cut – and bad

    maybe im goofy (maybe?) but knives scare me more than guns
    my thought is if bad guy shows either pounce NOW
    or head for the hills
    otherwise youre gonna get very bloody or just dead

    again t/y for the knives opinion – sobering

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