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13 thoughts on “ULTIMATE WEAPON FIGHTING: Belt VS Knife/Stick – KICK ARSE MOVES!!!

  1. ToraJutsu01 says:

    I think that rope/belt techniques can be useful, if your well trained in the methdods shown above, but also as a psychological weapon, facing a knife with something in your hands that you can use as a weapon is going to be a huge boost to your confidence. plus belts can be used to flick at the eyes, and noone wants to cop a buckle to the face. Impressive techniques Luke, great vid! good choice of weapon, ready at hand for improv.

  2. harr77 says:

    That's awesome best of all the guy with a knife won't be expecting a real defense from a guy with a belt and he'll underestimate you giving you more of an advantage.

  3. CNCTEMATIC says:

    No doubt whatsoever: the simple belt has to be the most under-rated improvised weapon in existence. I'd much rather have it out than a knife. Maybe the knife is more deadly, but the belt gives you so many options. Long range, mid range, short range; defensive, offensive. Disarm, lock, choke, smash. And you've got a force continuum – you don't have to go straight to lethal, so you're less likely to freeze

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