Ultimate Soldier Challenge knife fights PPCLI Cana

knife fights from ultimate soldier challenge Canada PPCLI vs US Marines.

44 thoughts on “Ultimate Soldier Challenge knife fights PPCLI Cana

  1. tm m says:

    Damn in almost all this knife fights would have ended with both guys dead…knife on knife as self defense doesn't work, empty hand vs knife is almost impossible, what works as knife defense?

  2. arrow64 64 says:

    They should let all Countries bring there own guns ! every time i see the Canadians. their guns seem to jam just a little to much !
    I find that just a little fishy if you know anything a bout guns, they do jam but not like that often ! thats bull shit ! FIXED !

  3. cpartyReborn says:

    This is not how someone would fight for life, in most of the time they didnt care about stabs that they get, only to score more points, in reality they would be more defensive. IDF vs Americans video was more realistic battle. All respect to every soldier.

  4. MALKton says:

    2nd fight, man … they try to quickly land more hits than the other one completely neglecting their defense instead of focusing on protecting themselves? this is a travesty …


    This,in no way represents a real knife fight.When sharp blades are involved people don't just jump into each other's striking range with committed blows. This test is merely a tagging contest,not a knife fighting one.

  6. Byeah #427 says:

    This show is a bloody joke. Made to jerk off whichever countries compete. This is rediculous. Why are points not awarded based on where on the body you are hit? A leg stab is equal to a neck stab??

  7. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    Why the stab worth more points than slash? I can slash your throat and you not gonna survive while you can stab me 10 times in stomach yet i still have some chance to survive the injury. So unless you not stab me in head,throat or heart the stab worth 1 point vs 2 points for the slash. Because i can chop off head or make very long nice deep cut. With good knife you can slash out hand from the wrist. So if you stab me in stomach what will stop me to stab you in the eye,quick slash throat or chop off hand?

  8. Cavan Pollard says:

    in this corner we have ex spec ops, and in this corner we have reg force infantry…yeah, not biased at all. put our top hand to hand combat instructor against yours and we'll see who's better

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