UK Road Wars: Police Officer Presses Panic Button After Facing 2 Knife Men

A clip from Sky’s Road Wars.

33 thoughts on “UK Road Wars: Police Officer Presses Panic Button After Facing 2 Knife Men

  1. MrNewcity says:

    People are shitting on us police in the comments but you have to remember:

    -If these criminals hadn't dropped the knifes, they easily could have taken down that cop. all the cop had was pepper spray.
    -In the US, one of them could have had a gun, given that guns are much more common and legalized.

    This cop got lucky. If one of those criminals had a knife in his hand, he could have killed that cop when he got out of his car. I don't think getting out and close was very smart. Having a firearm would be much safer for the cop in this situation, or even at least a taser.

  2. Xedachi says:

    I'm in the UK but yeah honestly I'd like a bit more protection than some spray if I was a police officer, and I definitely wouldn't want to be caught out on a job without any cuffs.

  3. Jamessuperfun says:

    This cop does seem like kind of a dick. I agree with why he sprayed them, but he was extremely confrontational. At first I thought it was just that he knew it was the suspect's, but then the random person watching he got really aggressive with. Our cops are good because they are calm and diplomatic, this one seemed a bit angry at the world.

  4. Keller weskier says:

    jezus. british people are way over the helm when theyre mad… if that cop had a gun. he would be flailing it around… though in the US there more courses that the police must push through, and cops with over heated situations are usually put on a leave for 1 to 3 days…. unless it erupts into shooting someone because he had to be a hulk

  5. kyynelkaasu says:

    I don't get it… why didn't the officer use his K9? The dog may get hurt, yes, but that's always better than getting hurt (or even killed) yourself. Moreover, a trained police dog is probably the most effective defensive tool available apart from firearms.

  6. j2o3sh says:

    Not having a sidearm going to a weapons call could have gone side ways. From videos I've seen of police in the UK there seems to be more respect for law enforcement in a way that violence is not so common as it maybe in Canada or the US. That's a good thing

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