UK Police take down and arrest knife wielding attacker

Northamptonshire Police released body-cam footage on Thursday of a man attacking police with a knife in Corby. The attack, took place after police responded …

45 thoughts on “UK Police take down and arrest knife wielding attacker

  1. un13 says:

    These two police were very lucky that they weren't stabbed, that the asshole was just posing rather than willing to use the lethal distance he maintained for so long. And I guess it's nice that they didn't have to kill him, either. I don't feel like this is a very convincing argument against some of the more tyrannical police shootings in America. Maybe if it was a video where they were able to maintain safe distance and talk the guy down.

  2. Clarence Boddicker says:

    In the blink of an eye, if that man was so inclined, he could have stabbed and killed that policeman. Dead. It would have been 100% justifiable to shoot him. The only reason they didn't is because they didn't have a gun.

    Brave, yes. Lucky? Definitely.

  3. Michael D. says:

    150 is nothing? I don't think the families of these officers would agree with you. The fact is, many criminals in America have guns, and use them. I wish we had the same guns laws as England, but we don't, and with 200 million firearms in our country, we're screwed already. And cops are not supermen. Their lives matter, too.

  4. Michael D. says:

    The reason why this guy would have been shot in the U.S. is because we have about 150 policemen killed each year in the line of duty. This U.K. criminal could have killed one of these cops very easily, but they were lucky this time around.

    I'd rather see tasers or mace used, when possible–but this guy was charging those cops.

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