UK Police Public Order/Riot Gloves Test and Review



Review and tests with the UK Police “Public order” gloves meaning riot gloves to the average person. These gloves are used by riot police and have both …

30 thoughts on “UK Police Public Order/Riot Gloves Test and Review

  1. David Herron says:

    Was on a London bus and guy with knife was throwing chips on people and disturbing women touching them etc. Big load of big police guys came on board the bus wearing those gloves and delt with situation with a bit of mild thumping for good measure

  2. Angelo Frisone says:

    Another thing what kind of action is in that knife. It opened really fast. Might have just been me. Regardless it's a nice knife dude I might try to pick one up. Take it you got in on eBay?

  3. Joseph Stalin says:

    In a 28 days later situation I would use my 4a1 mask because it’s the only one I got now and a camo jacket with a strong Kevlar flak jacket a military riot helmet and Kevlar pants and the American army ranger boots

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