UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!

I purchased this Ministry of Defence Type 4 survival knife while I lived in Scotland. I was so excited to purchase this knife; but now, my excited feelings have …

42 thoughts on “UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!

  1. Doctor Fairlight says:

    With respect I think you've missed the point of this beast. It looks as a knife but is much more. This is a mighty survival tool. It is Axe, Knife, Spade, Hammer, Crowbar. It's not as good as any of those specialised tools but if there is ONE tool to carry it is this. If you know how, it shall get you out of all kinds of scrapes. I have cut down trees, batoned logs, dug deep holes and prepared food with it. It isn't pretty but it's bloody tough. I love my BASK. Thank you for the review. My regards.

  2. David Tyers says:

    Let me educate you. This knife was never issued as a personal survival knife. It was part of a tool kit found in vehicles from 1 tonne landrovers to AFV's and was designed to do many tasks, a jack of all trades knife. As a piece of a vehicles tool kit it isnt a "POLISHED TURD", its quite a useful bit of kit and that my friend is what it was only ever designed for. so, before you slag off equipment, find out the context in which it was used first..

  3. David Cooper says:

    Get the quillon welded by someone who can.The British Army have managed with this knife thus far. Why don't you do what I did and place a bit of velcro arround the handle and the sheath near the quillon. That will stop it slipping and exposing the blade. As for the sheath, I agree…..I hate it…it is crap. I just haven't got round to making a better one.

  4. leo lion says:

    I'm a U.S. Military member. I used to live in the U.K. so from both sides I have a bunch of knives and from all the big knives I have 3, I really like. 1. Is my O.K.C. Rat7. 2. Is this M.O.D. And 3. Is a Stainless Steel Bowie. I usually carry my rat and mod every time I go out. Yes being carbon , it's a bit hard to edge them but oh yea you can shave with them.

  5. Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness says:

    The knife is far from perfect in every way, it could be improved but I wasn't disappointed at all with performance. While you are not happy with your knife I am, it chops wood just as good as a small hatchet and can split huge logs with little damage to the blade (black coating gets scratched).

  6. adehardy says:

    This knife is an axe with a handle, a hatchet, a lump of carbon steel that weighs a LOT. It's supposed to be a totally indestructible lump that will stand up to any abuse you can throw at it. Designed to be unbreakable by British squadies and produced relatively cheaply for the MOD. It's definitely practical not pretty. There's no such thing as one knife for all, this is a knife to use and abuse. Mine lives in the garage and I use it as a pry bar, hedge trimmer, bush cutter, hammer and for any job where I wouldn't use a tool that I care about. I guarantee there's no other knife that can take the abuse I give to this knife. I have lots of other blades both fixed and folders, all of which have their own characteristics. That's why we love knives, very tactile but all different.

  7. bearsagainstevil says:

    one of the toughest knives ever made yes, you could improve the sheath, the knives you recommend will break before that knife . I have a couple of them mine keep a edge fine its very good steel you could literally use the back of the blade to hammer nails

  8. Ben shropshiree says:

    I have a lot to say about this review but I am just going to say do your research and don’t take this video as 100% accurate and if at all informative. This knife was made for the military to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Clearly this knife is good as it is still being produced after 50 years.
    I have this knife from its first production and I have done thousands of tasks with it, the guard on this mans knife has clearly been struck directly. I do not believe that the guard weld would have broken from batonning ( most likely he was buttoning a large piece of wood and the guard was hitting the wood as he was buttoning, meaning it was his poor knife skills and not the quality of the knife)

    Rant over, honestly this knife as mentioned above can do all your tasks you want it to do and it is not specifically good at a certain task.
    I suggest you buy one and try it out for yourself.

  9. James Dolan says:

    For the price, it's a great knife. It can be modified to your own specs, and it's a survival knife, not a combat blade.
    I've carried it in the field, and it didn't weigh me down, or cause fatigue and it can be used as a chopper, as a bludgeon or with one, as a pry bar, and if you don't like the sheath, modify or replace it by all means. I did with mine for a while. I carried a long length of electrical tape, as well as a long length of 90 mph tape wrapped around the sheath, and a film canister with fire making stuff in it taped to it. Yeah, if you leave it just as is, there are better knives out there, like a kukri, but what's the fun in leaving it as is?

  10. steve lewis says:

    Also, so many knife owners praise knives for their " featherweight lightness" and harp on about their EDC weighing only 5 grams etc, I routinely carry a brick of a knife called the Buck 110 which I've owned since the mid 1970's and it is OUTSTANDING, so man up and carry a PROPER knife, not a pansy knife.

  11. Zer0 Gr4vity says:

    I think it is a brilliant knife. I already own a KA-BAR BK7 and Esee 6, I’d trust the MOD knife over all of my knives. It is built like a tank. And is bloody brilliant battonning, it’s carbon steel. Think of this knife, as the knife for strength builds (from a Dark Souls perspective, for the nerds among us) it’s heavy but hits hard, and is reliable. I think they have really up the quality, the sheath that came with mine was good and the welding on the guard looks stronger. Anyway, thanks

  12. tom l says:

    I don't think you get the point of the knife, I think you got sold on the word survival. It's meant for squadies not bush craft experts. So for hammering, prying, digging loop holes through walls, we even used one of these as a bar to help jack up a Bedford that was bogged down to its waist and sometimes even cutting things. There is nothing in this world squadie proof but this comes very close.
    If you didn't like the grind take it down to the LAD with a crate of lager and its sorted.
    I never known them to have the NSN engraved so you may have been duped.
    And I agree the sheath is cap.

  13. Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness says:

    Perhaps a heavy parang or kukri knife would be a good middle ground between an axe and a knife, a friend of mine has a heavy kukri that can be used as a hatchet but is also versatile enough to use as knife for skinning or carving wood effectively.

    Either way I bought this knife and it will most likely be the last one I will ever have to buy, I have enough knives to arm a small nation and this one is almost indestructible.

  14. pip excell says:

    Ive gotten myself a mod survival knife and i was expecting it to have no edge but mine did, it wasnt as good as the edge you get on a mora but it was not too much of a bitch to sharpen, i agree with the sheath problem and it sliding out but its a pretty easy fix i took another piece of leather and rebuilt the clip a little tighter.
    the welding breaking was a problem i got but its not a difficult fix to re-weld it if you dont have a welder then you probably should get that before this knife

  15. Derek Robbens says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about cold weather and touching the metal what about the top part of the handle the metal sticks out it’s just cheaply manufactured you prat just look at the sheath every standard British mod knife made these days is crap and I’m British

  16. Drogo Muircastle says:

    1. It isn't designed as a self defence weapon. It's for soldiers who tend to rely on more lethal stuff than a knife.

    2. It tends to be part of a vehicle tool kit rather than to an individual.

    3. It is 'issued as ammunition' and so can be modified because nobody expects it back in a pristine condition.

  17. steve lewis says:

    PS, I agree with N.S, the knife is heavy but what do you expect, I see many times on youtube, Americans saying their pocket knife is lighter than a fairy's fart and doesn't crease their trousers, I have a Buck 110 which is heavy, strong and razor sharp, and I ALWAYS know it's in my pocket when I legally carry it.

  18. steve lewis says:

    I have one of these but with a wooden handle, the finish was poor, and it wasn't very sharp, but with a small amount of effort I made mine razor sharp, the knife is unbreakable in virtually any survival situation short of trying to dig through granite, it reminds me of a "typical" squaddie, not refined, not elegant, a bit of rough, but when the S # I T hits the fan they are hard as nails and unbeatable, just like this knife.

  19. Owen Wellspring says:

    A Mora heavy duty is not comparable to this knife, they are both designed for completely different uses and the M.O.D 4 is a much larger and more durable knife. The little bit of metal at the top is to protect the top of your hand from hitting what ever you are stabbing and it is also there to possibly protect your hand during a knife fight.

  20. Mad Dog Survival says:

    I used to carry one of these (003) along with 65lb bergan plus weapon plus ammo plus comms plus spare batteries etc… so although I agree that the weight is a pain it was meant to be carried along with Lots of other kit that sort of makes the weight thing insignificant! As for being dull when you received it…. they all come like that! You have to put your own edge on it to suit your needs! If you can't sharpen your blade you shouldn't be in the British army! I do agree now I'm a old man and when playing at bushcraft this knife is really a beast of a thing for hobby use, however back in the day I wouldn't have wanted anything else! Best wishes

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