UK Armed Police

Elite British Armed Police CTSFOs (Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers) CTSFOs are another proactive element of SCO19. Their role includes …

29 thoughts on “UK Armed Police

  1. CaptN Mexico says:

    idk if this seems stupid or not
    but if I was in charge of their uniforms
    ide have them wesr some kind of black mask that reveals nothing of their face
    just to put some fear on the enemies (p.s)my spelling sucks because im mexican snd I type in spanish so my phone autocorrects when I speak english

  2. Carolina fishing and outdoors says:

    all of you morons saying the UK's police is better are really not thinking how much better we are at just about everything go ahead argue but you all got beat by farmers during the revolutionary war how's that for your country which oppressed people hence why we revolted and won

  3. Bush craft Jon says:

    I got put on the ground and searched by these today because I was sat in town whilst cleaning my nails with my pen knife and some fucker called the police on me lol they come out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me

  4. Hanse Davion says:

    Fact these are police officers not the SAS, therefore they do not have the instinct that the CTR W units have in that the SAS kill, not arrest terrorists, that's the difference, terrorists today consider themselves dead already, so trying to arrest them is pointless, plus no police officer is told shoot to kill !

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