UFC fighter speaks out after receiving ISIS threats



Athlete and Special Forces sniper goes on ‘Fox & Friends’ to respond.

29 thoughts on “UFC fighter speaks out after receiving ISIS threats

  1. Jake Hunter says:

    He's right a few weeks ago I was getting pictures sent to me like he mentioned, not only did it make me feel sick I was definitely a little spooked had to change my number and email the photos that were sent to me to a police officer that came to my home after I reported it. He also took all 3 numbers down and said they would trace the numbers and look into it. Hopefully they were able to do something

  2. GraceFaded says:

    Tim sets an outstanding example for how we as Americans should – and must – think about ISIS and all forms of militant extremism.

    It is the duty of EVERY American to stand ready, willing, and able to respond in kind whenever, and wherever, these sub-human maggots attempt to inflict their ideology with violence.

    This does not extent only to ISIS, but to anyone who would inflict violence and horror on innocent people.

    Love your neighbor. Get armed. Stay trained. Be vigilant.

  3. YNWA96 says:

    Ye them people
    There cunts.
    I agree dont call them that word they call them selves. Call them wait let…. me think. A good old English word. Hmmmmm idiots. That's what they are. IDIOTS.

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