UFC 178: Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy Backstage Exchange

Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy exchange words backstage after their controversial fight at UFC 178. Head over to UFC.tv to watch the UFC 178 replay!

26 thoughts on “UFC 178: Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy Backstage Exchange

  1. vibrantZebra1 says:

    Oh Tim. I understand you're upset, but just take your L. I don't understand like why Kennedy starting a few seconds earlier would have changed his performance at all anyway… maybe he got tired standing and waiting for Yoel Romero? IDK. I really didn't see Kennedy coming back and finishing Yoel in that time anyway. Yoel bursted out of there and finished Kennedy. I don't know why Kennedy is complaining so much!? He got stopped, and the stool didn't do that for him. The corner left the stool in there, and Yoel took advantage of that. Kennedy you got finished. That's all.

  2. Phillie Gambi says:

    So if Tim won, then it's okay and he would be happy but cuz he lost he think Yoel cheated! Then why did you hit gloves in the third round and kept fighting if you really thought that it was bullshit and cheating?

  3. Mr.noone1 says:

    sour LOOSER.!
    This asshole acts as he didn't do anything "illegal" in this same fight.. he conveniently forgot how he got that those punches in huh (the ones he hurt Romero with) Kennedy was grabbing his glove which is illegal and it wasn't un intentional either look at the reply.
    he needs to Man up and admit he got beat plain and simple.

  4. Alexander Fiedorov says:

    I'm glad that bullshit happened to Kennedy, i remember he talking shit to all MMA legends like he was in any position to do so, as someone said here in the comment section Karma is a bitch, i really believed Kennedy could be champ if he had win this fight, good thing he wasn't.

  5. West Craven says:

    Tim crying like a bitch, I'll take any advantage I can get in there and if the ref didn't stop it then your beef is with him not yoel, but once they say fight its your job to win or lose don't blame yoel

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