U.S. Marines instruct MCMAP Knife fighting to Afghan Security Detail

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program instructors from 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment teach Washir district governor’s personal security detachment basic …

23 thoughts on “U.S. Marines instruct MCMAP Knife fighting to Afghan Security Detail

  1. clark anderson says:

    Why do the marines have to be stubborn and make mcmap just invite a krav maga instructor from Israel to train you guys how to fight, because I have taken mcmap and krav maga, krav maga is a 100x better, it prepares the mind, body, and teaches many different skills, that actually work

  2. Kim Tindell says:

    My Grandma could take down most of iraqi s in hand to hand. TRUTHFULLY. 
    Thank You SGT Cochran & Cpl Brown for your service, GODBLESS YOU & YOURS 
    Return Home Safely, & GODBLESS THE MARINE CORPS , & All Who Are Actively 
    Deployed On Foreign Soil & Domestic, Salute & Semper Fi.

  3. Cepa Col says:

    mcmap sucks, it's mostly endurance drills with mediocre techniques, i was in when they were just introducing mcmap before it became mandatory to get a tan belt and I remember thinking back then that it sucked.  Years later I still think it sucks.  It's better than nothing and I understand the reasoning for it, better to have Marines doing mcmap instead of just pt alone but let's face it this sucks monkey balls.  Take criticism and adapt, don't just give blind allegiance to things just because the Corps adopted it.

  4. Semper Fi says:

    I've used my MCMAP knowledge more out of the Marines then I ever did in. I worked in Jails and Prisons and personal security. But I also continued my training as anyone should do.

  5. Fred Mantis says:

    If you're in Toronto go to Mr. Fitness. They got some real ninjas there; I'm talking Bosnia war combat veterans, Kali folk, Ju Jitsu masters world class boxers the like. It's at the warehouse at Highway 27 and Albion and it's also a fitness gym.
    Ask to speak with Jim if you're interested in combat training. I'm studying to be a military cook and actually graduated high school doing Co-Op at this place. It's pro legit. If you want to do combat training talk to Jim. (416)-749-4202

  6. USLethal says:

    I agree completely. Spend eight years in the Corps with the MCMAP program, and I learned significantly more in roughly two years spent in Kali. It always amuses me how goddamn delusionally arrogant the MCMAP black belts are.

  7. Safton says:

    1.) "Afghani" is an offensive term when used to refer to the people of Afghanistan. Ask them and they'll tell you it's the name for their money, not their people.

    2.) Not all of them are terrorists in disguise, dickwad. Many of them are good, trustworthy people.

    3.) Please stop being such an asshole.

  8. Bruce Levine says:

    as for the norm mcma not effective no hip no focus stiff robottic movements over built marines using brute force that afghany is d o a why dont they just ask the israelis to teach the usmc krav ma ga mcma is a failure or just take the time to learn shoto kan or ju jitzu the are no short cuts lazy america mentality

  9. erman C says:

    I wouldn't let those Afghanis behind me with a weapon or into the perimeter without frisking them. The marines are just showing the muzzies how they're going to die.

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