Two WORST Martial Arts Techniques Ever!

Stephan Kesting from teaches the two worst techniques he’s ever seen in his 30 years of martial arts training.

30 thoughts on “Two WORST Martial Arts Techniques Ever!

  1. belmont801 says:

    You are part of the fake ass shit, our whole lives we've been told about fake ass kunfu, ninja shit, and karate….then you watch ufc and other fights and everything we've been taught is bullshit,..this world has turned to shit

  2. Phil Swaim says:

    A two handed side swing is stupid to block against that way. If it was an overhead swing maybe. That move your doing might take the bat from their hands, not break it. Youll hurt your harm more than likely.

    It started off okay though. Sometimes you cant get away when you notice the attack nor do you have time to rush in when you notice. So its perfectly legit to choose to deal with the attack in such a scenario. You just dont ever wanna do that lol.

    And lol to the second one.

  3. Scott says:

    Yep. Had some Ninja books in the '80s. The good news is that all I did was sneak around in the woods practicing invisibility but quickly realized what an idiot I was and stopped. Thank God it never got me in a physical altercation.

  4. E-STUDIO says:

    Too funny. #1: Besides all the obvious things, Who the h*** is going to randomly come at you with a baseball bat. #2: If you're a secret assassin ninja I'm pretty sure you already know how to get in out of a situation like having a gun Pointed at you. You'd probably just laugh and then throw a smoke bomb. Lol

  5. David Nickels says:

    For the first one there is a similar technique however instead of blocking the bat you stay out of reach allow them to whiff the strike then the inward strike is meant to force the entirety of the bat from their grip however you’d strike closer to the attackers hand or strike their arm if close enough however a spin move is a no go never take your eyes off your attacker what you do with the bat is up to you past that point

  6. Tekdrake says:

    Guys I've been training for it a whole year now and I still can't even break a wooden baseball bat, in fact I'm writing this with a fractured bone in my fore arm. I'm thinking I won't go back to the dojo once it's healed, if I can't break a baseball bat, what's even the point?

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