Two methods for carrying knives horizontally

Shown here are two quick and easy methods to set up tactical sheaths such that they will hang horizontally along the belt line. Advantages to carrying knives this …

34 thoughts on “Two methods for carrying knives horizontally

  1. Nicolaitan says:

    thanks for just getting straight to the point. I clicked on a few videos and they ended up being 10 minute long videos about why they preferred horizontal carry. I liked your first idea. I'm going to run to the surplus store to get the straps and bindings.

  2. ATCKDFND says:

    @mpellegran Great advice, are you a soldier/marine? Do you mount your Kabar's grip down, so the motion is a reach across the chest and a downward pull?

    This video was primarily aimed at civilians, as we generally have less carrying capabilities on our torsos. 😉

  3. ATCKDFND says:

    @AndroidDevil JB weld would certainly do it

    And don't worry about it, I'm always open to suggestions. That being said, I probably won't do this mod any time soon – I don't have any extra synthetic sheaths in case I break one

  4. Genghis Hazara says:

    @ATCKDFND You can, by using Velcro strips and to holdup the Velcro to the sheath I think hot glue or the sticky side of the Velcro or some JB weld or something that might be to hold it by cutting the edges will definitely work BTW sorry for annoying, its just what I think.

  5. ATCKDFND says:

    @AndroidDevil If it were possible to cut it down I would, but the rivets that hold it together are along the outside edge. You could probably get away with cutting one side off, but it'd weaken the sheath significantly.

  6. Genghis Hazara says:

    Show us how to mod the kydex sheath, most people say plastic, and make it smaller because those edges are too wide and useless and make it possible for carrying in belts and legs, just an idea for your vids.

  7. ATCKDFND says:

    @derekandcaribou Nope, fortunately these sheaths are cheap enough that I wouldn't mind trying to cut one down to the smallest usable carry size.

    A project for another day.

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