Two HEMA instructors comment on dual wielding swords

Without a doubt dual wielding was nowhere near as popular in historical times as it is in roleplaying games and other fantasy settings. How common or rare it …

22 thoughts on “Two HEMA instructors comment on dual wielding swords

  1. Ksortakh Kraxthar says:

    Dunno why the guys start with mentioning Muashi, though. After reading what that guy did, it would not surprise me if there is a story how he armed himself with a banana and then successfully battled Godzilla. I mean, come on, who goes into battle with an oar? Using a bokken was strange enough.

  2. Lackus Shock says:

    My friend and I experimented with a combination of rapier and a sai. The sai is held in a ice pick grip.
    It mostly ended up being useful only if you could get into grappling distance with the opponent.

  3. Broken Wave says:

    Some of this is nonsense…and Skall is on here defending it like they are proven techniques…when they are basically urban legends.
    Blocking a 2 handed sword with a fucking dagger and rapier mid strike?
    Just fucking evade and then attack…dont throw yourself into harms way so you can get fancy with a dagger.

  4. Patrick Franks says:

    x blocking is definitely effective if you use it properly. If you just stay there and let your opponent pressure into your block of course it's going to fail. the second the block catches the strike you need to choose a side and party to that side. Given, this is much more effective in unarmed fights or as a block against someone trying to stab you with a knife. Like everything else it is situational.

  5. DEATH111183 says:

    and people tell me training for dual wielding is stupid an impractical….. and these guys name dropped the guy I always do "Myamoto Musashi"  known for wielding "Two Katana" in battles. yeah he didn't always use them. but he still could effectively use them. and why traditional sword styles in japan changed to accomedate the two sword styles samurai became known to use. and the advent of the wakasashi came to pass. a short sword to use with the katana

  6. Ray B says:

    okay, so this applies it to rapiers, the most forwardy, stand-stilly of all swords. What bout more mobile weapons? They off-glance mentioned Musashi, then continued playing with rapiers.

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