Two Handed Bushcraft Knife Techniques

These two handed techniques really come in handy in certain situations and will be a great addition to your knife skills. They are very powerful, safe, and allow …

21 thoughts on “Two Handed Bushcraft Knife Techniques

  1. Chris Meyer says:

    Kinda interesting thoughts, will try..  but sceptic for some reasons from experience. The movement toughts behind it are smart, thats what the boxing trainer in me is telling me 😉

  2. drfiehlgood says:

    Hi Mike. Great video. Thanks for the clear and concise information. In this case do you prefer a two handed grip to, for example, using a baton because of the close up/more cramped position you are in under the tree? Thanks again!

  3. Solitary Jack says:

    Easy fix for neck carry: Attach a small piece of leather to the bottom end of your sheath, cut a slit in it. Wear a button down shirt and button the sheath to the shirt using the small slit. An adjustable neck lanyard makes it easy to adjust for different buttons on different shirts. Sheath does not swing or bounce around anymore, and it's an extra save if your neck lanyard breaks. If you do not wear button down shirts, I have no help for you =)

  4. Michael Lummio says:

    Not sure why you commented on my video as I'm not using a neck knife. I demonstrated a way to get your sheath knife to the outside of heavy clothing without MOLLE gear. I prefer a well built folder to a tiny "neck knife".

  5. GizmoBee1702 says:

    Always wondered about the name of your knife — until traveling along the Columbia River this summer. Good choice. And thanks for the instruction. For you burly, strong guys, brute force may work. For us weaker souls, these good techniques are quite valuable.

  6. TheLionsDen72 says:

    Nice Show&Tell. Was curious as to the blade you are carrying. If you don't already have a vid on it, could you give us some info? Like the fact it's not a huge "survival" knife as so many claim ya need. Looking forward to the next one.

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