39 thoughts on “Tutorial Krav Maga Defenses Against Knife Attacks

  1. Aurodeep Roy says:

    wrong process. in krav maga the principle is 200% defence(the 90degree defence & body movement away from the attack)+ strike. but here you're just performing the 90degree defence and strike. Improvement needed.

  2. Simon Saul says:

    I train in Tang Soo Do and the knife defences are very similar but I can see some useful tactics in Krav Maga that add to combat skills. No system in isolation is complete. It's one of the better demonstrations and the instructor is very skilled and should not be derided for freely sharing expert, last resort self defence with sound foundation in Northern style Kung Fu and Aikido techniques coupled with the typical Krav Maga double strike. It is the double strike that the technique relies upon, HOPING you strike with enough speed and power to incapcitate or disorientate the attacker sufficiently and avoid the secondary wave thereby allowing you to fully lock the arm with the weapon. However, as with all of these demonstrations, they are static, not dynamic, the attacker never uses the left hand, never rushes the victim like a charging bull or rolls the wrist out of the initial weak lock. Best advice, distance = RUN! It takes years of training to execute these techniques with the slimmest hope of success. Remember, as the instructor states, within 7 yards, a knife is an equal or even more dangerous weapon than a gun!

  3. Fortress: Combat Arts says:

    I think all this krav bullshit is just about past it's popularity point. People are finally seeing through the marketing and understanding that it's just repackaged karate. This is such unbelievable garbage. So sad that people pay money for this stuff.

  4. Mani Neebs says:

    Big fat french guy trying to teach you how to fight agains't a knife assault. There are so much bullshit in Krav maga and all those self defense technique that doesn't prepare you for the real world.

    I'm an ok fighter with few competitions and years of training behind me. I won't let you catch me. I've tried many sparring with self defense guys, Aikido, Krav maga and it's every time the same thing coming up. They don't know how to move and respond to experienced fighters. They are lost if you know how to box, kick and move. If you keep a constant secure guard while fighting and don't let your hands hanging everywhere these guys can't do anything… Simple as that. I'm not trying to look as a badass it's just the reality of martial art… Stay fit, train hard and stop the bullshido.

    It's just tireing to see these guys make women in their 40-50's believe that they will be able to fight back agains't opponents much younger and faster than them.

  5. Daniel Malloy says:

    its better to have concepts not techniques….concepts can adjust to scenarios which are many… if he attacks like this you do this is limiting,,
    Better grab weapon bearing limb and kick then takedown etc

  6. ali alavi says:

    sure !!!!  by a plastic knife you can make this SHOW  😉 . are you still that brave when someone attacks and has a  crazy SHARP KNIFE in hand ? . i Think the best defens is runing .honestly.

  7. Chew Box says:

    Basic jujutsu is what this is from the old days… like over 100 years ago when an attack had to cut armor with a blade, hence the very dedicated strike from the attacker… none of this is valid in today's world.

  8. Trunov Michael says:

    Interesting initial analysis, but most of the reactions require doing 3 or more moves against just one move of the opponent. It could work if fighting skill difference is in your favor in a huge way. Most likely it would not be the case. For most of us the best defense is running towards a police officer (or guards) while screaming for help. Don't disregard the screaming, because surprised police officer, no matter how well armed, would be in the same position as you were against the assailant.

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