Turley Combat Knife



I recieved in a trade a Turley combat knife this is his model 1926C and is a fantastic blade for the woodsmen who dig some tactical stuff.

9 thoughts on “Turley Combat Knife

  1. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Simply TiT's Bro, Beautiful Knife. But I'm very happy with my INFIMandDu, I like carrying it on my Survival Belt with my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet and my Wicked Tough Saw I also have a Pouch for necessaries, and easily I can add a Canteen to it if I'm leaving the camp to Scout out a new area, Yeah, Simply TiT's defenetly eye candy, , ,

  2. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Oh, and I also have a couple of awesome Combat Knives, Yup a Busse, it's my Sarge 7, very liquid, fast, tough knife. and then one of my Randall Made is a proven one, my Model # 14 in the Attack Style in O-1 and a One-Finger Grove in Black G-10 or Micarta, I can't remember, But it's a good one, I always liked hollow handles so I got the Attack in a Model #18 with a Knurled Handle and the Hilt and compass cap are brass and I have a saw spine, pretty nice. Yeah, but that 14 is a tough one too, , ,

  3. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    I would love to have a Turley, But IZ informed me that right now he is not taking new orders, besides, I hate to wait. Anyhow I was at a cross rosd, and like you I like a 3/16th's for my bush craft knife and I have a few made by different manufactor's, so I have likes and dislikes. But for far my Swamp Rat Ratmandu is becoming one of my Fav's, I also have a few Busse Combat and I belong to Blade Forum, One day I get this e-mail that Busse was having a drawing on a few knives and one of the knives is a INFI RatManDu, I won, and now I have one of my Fav's in the INFI Steel. Then something happened, but it ended up I was able to buy another one, I have three RatManDu. Anyhow this last one I had it thinned down and the spine sharpened to a nice 90°. I also convexed the edge, because last contact with OZ he explained his blade geometry, My knife was almost there, although it will never be a Turley grrrrrrr, But as long as mine is a Busse I'm as happy as ever, Yeah, I love the INFI Steel. But the grind on my knife is a High Saber Flat Grind with a Convex. and, believe me, I watch how Joe R, and IZ do featgers, well I'm not as good as both of them, but yeah, I get some clean thin curls using their method of making feathers, My new knife can also do that. Thanx so much for sharing your eye candy, and lemme be the first to Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year, , ,

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