15 thoughts on “Tueller Drill

  1. nolieblades101 says:

    Hey guys this is a solid demonstration. We (No Lie Blades) inventors of the No Lie Blades training knife which leaves an immediate mark on the body do this same type of drill. Thank you for your honesty in bringing facts to the surface for others.
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  2. Shepherd School says:

    Yeah, I have a problem actualy saying what I am trying to say, especially online, since its so one way, but yes your right, stress causes fumbles, trying to run faster than you have perfected causes fumbles, if you want to use your gun smoothly then get a gun that isn't overly complicated and practice until it doesn't hurt…. and then practice more…

  3. Shepherd School says:

    Practice yes, but if your gun has an external safety, then you shouldn't disengage it until you are on target – if that bothers you, then several guns do not have external safeties, but yes, Practice Practice Practice…

  4. MobiusUSAH says:

    Ok, what I see too is a good reason to be worried about carrying with a safety. At 0:26 notice the fumbled safety? If you play to use a thumb safety, know that it takes more time. Or at least practice disabling and drawing in one motion so you can fire faster. Just a thought.

  5. handyman28635 says:

    Can you retry this test with an acting shooter that is moving to the side so we can see how fast the man with a knife can get to a moving shooter. Acting shooter should also be trying to bring to bear a blue gun so we can see if he can move, draw and get on target as he is moving. Just a thought.

  6. mdr8088 says:

    Great vid, it shows people can get to you before you draw your gun. Show's reaction times. Show's you have to be aware, because that guy 15 foot away can grab your before you have time to react and draw.

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