Truth of Knife Defense: Real Sparring



First I DO NOT RECOMMEND rear or lead roundhouse kicks as they take too much time to recover. I am using them in the video because straight kicks to the leg …

26 thoughts on “Truth of Knife Defense: Real Sparring

  1. Rozier G says:

    lol 😀 in real knife attack no one will try to use slash attack 😀 they will stab stab stab stab stab stab and it happens faster than you think baby <3

  2. Darryl E. says:

    I successfully defended against a knife through the grace of God by throwing a heavy glass ashtray full of ashes and cigarette butts in a lunatic's face. I suspect 90% of humans on earth would not be so lucky.

  3. dangkoen says:

    Attempting to wrestle a knife on the ground is a big no no. Pre-emptive striking is the best way to go if the potential attacker is to close already.

  4. bae313 says:

    Look at my drill based slasher course. Work your way through to the concepts on the modified x-block and coning and you will quickly improve on what you are doing here.The priority should be on escaping the area or stopping the source of the attack rather than on taking the knife. Even if you have the knife, the threat can continue to attack. If he is knocked out, can't see or is bent over writhing in pain, he isn't going to hurt you with the knife. Even the toughest boxers and MMA fighters are reduced to running away after catching a digit to the eye or solid contact to their balls. ANY LEGITIMATE KNIFE WIELDING THREAT WILL HAVE EYES.Patton basically said that death in combat is directly related to the time spent in combat. Avoid your time in combat.Think like a juijitsu man who realizes he has to isolate any area he wants to apply a submission to.1. Avoid &/ block the attack, 2. isolate the knife by jamming its ability to maneuver, 3. escape/counter-attack/disarm.Avoid/block and escape are all that should be taught to beginners. They don't have the tools to jam or counter or disarm during a real engagement. Once they can do a decent job keeping from getting stabbed or slashed fatally while gaining space, then they should be taught counters to the threat's eyes (he is trying to kill or maim you if he has a knife) as they create space. From there you can add jamming/trapping the knife hand which will make counters and escape much easier. Finally, once they can easily keep from getting slashed and stabbed and get counters in, THEN they can start catching the limb for a disarm. The importance of a counter that will temporarily disable/distract the threat momentarily as you go for the disarm CANNOT BE OVEREMPHASIZED.Lastly, no one should be fooling themselves into believing that they can do a disarm in real combat until they have complete familiarity with a wide variety of wrist locks through the study of jujitsu yawara or Chinese chin na. UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET YOURSELF KILLED WITH FALSE CONFIDENCE.

  5. 2fast2block says:

    What I like about a good pepper spray is that it can be in your hands ready to go just in case even if you suspect trouble from a person, it reaches them outside of arms' length, and even though spray does not take affect instantly, it does give precious milliseconds (ms) of distraction to the eyes just from the spray for the sprayee to attack quickly. When a person is just outside arms' length, it takes about 300 ms to move in and strike the body. That amount of time is within reacting to. But a good spray will reach that same distance in about 100 ms and that is too fast to react to.

  6. Soul Lion says:

    Tiz is good but in real fight wif full contact may turn out to be better or worst
    as the momentum and instinct are provoked.
    Still i think best defence is to run
    Thx for experiment

  7. 無理だぞ says:

    this video is assuming that the defender already saw the knife, and 10/10 most of the time, the attacker would already be breathing down your neck before you even see the knife.

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