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  1. jMOPS1993 says:

    Things aren't the way they used to be. People are getting more bold and more crazy it seems. We had an old man rob an armored truck with an AK and body armor on at a local Walmart. Nobody ended up getting hurt, but if that guy decided to start wasting in the parking lot you'd be up shit creek with just a carry gun. Since then I deemed it necessary to have a dedicated semi auto long gun. You can build a basic AR for cheap and keep a few loaded mags on a carrier with some medical gear in your trunk for under $1,000. It's absolutely worth it.

  2. Stonewall Jackson says:

    Disagree. You seem very witty but also very Trendy. I think it's very plausible that you would be alerted of a riot or a mass killer in a building next to you and you'd be a LOT better off with a rifle than a handgun

  3. Mike Lindbergh says:

    The moment you leave your truck you will leave all your gear behind. To think you will go back and get your body armour, helmet and carbine should trouble start is delusional at best. In active shooter scenario who would kit up and return to the crime scene, with the police arriving any time soon?

  4. Brad Bodai says:

    I think a truck/car gun and body armor is a smart idea in a vehicle. So like in a situation like Dallas where law enforcement/active shooter is active and you use your primary CCW to get to your vehicle too stop the threat or at least get too a vantage point?

  5. ralfdcat says:

    Generally agree but there is more than one case where someone has retrieved a gun from their car and taken it to a fight. Pearl High School & Appalachian School of Law come to mind.

  6. Michael Samalik says:

    I agree fully with you that that should not be someones first line of defense. They thing is people like me, I'm an unarmed security guard at a mall and am not yet 21, who are not able to carry guns into work or school want an option. Thus I do not have the legal ability to have a gun on me but have a handgun locked in my truck everyday I go to work just incase I do have the ability to get to my truck to use it. It sucks to be in the in-between phase where you know the importance of carrying but are not old enough to do so.

  7. Suburbannite says:

    i just finished packing a bugout bag and have it chained in my trunk. i want to have a rifle on hand also, but i haven't decided on one and i'm just a little hesitant about having a rifle in my trunk

  8. axe609 says:

    Sorry Billy but there are plenty of instances of people going to their vehicles and getting a gun to end a threat. at least one that comes to mind was in a school.

  9. Rick M says:

    Not a bad idea to have a rifle in the truck to have, when you are IN or very close to, you vehicle…as well as having your carry gun on you at all times. If shit goes sideways, you may be able to use your pistol to fight your way to your rifle….if things get bad enough to that you need your rifle. Always nice to have the AR to 'get your back'. You can't walk around with an AR in your pocket…so having a pistol in a holster and an AR in the vehicle, is a good thing to have…better to have it…..

  10. California Rifleman says:

    A while back a buddy of mine was able to use his truck gun to defend himself. He was 20 at the time and being a law abiding citizen, he wasn't concealed carrying. He pulled into a gas station after a long day, noticing a truck in the parking lot; he didn't exercise good situational awareness and didn't realize the station was closed until he walked up to the convenience store door. When he turned around to walk back to his jeep he noticed four men exit the truck and eye him, so he kept his cool and unlocked the back of the vehicle with the key fob as he approached at a normal pace. When he got within a few feet of the vehicle he jumped into action and managed to wrangle out his loaded WASR 10, right as the guys charged him. Luckily he was able to stop them by presenting the muzzle. They ran back to their truck and promptly left, and my buddy learned an important lesson about situational awareness; had they been between him and that rifle, he would've been down to his blade. This was certainly an exeption to the rule, and he now carries a Glock 17.

  11. Mockturtlesoup1 says:

    I don't think it's even legal to have a "truck gun" in my state (CT.) I know it's illegal if it's an "assault weapon"(unless of course you're on the way to/from a range, gun store, etc.) the closest thing I could think of as being legal is something like a pump action shotgun that's unloaded, with the ammo in the car and the gun in the trunk. lol. so much for "open carry" being legal. I guess cars don't count for "open carry" in CT.

  12. Win94ae says:

    A lot of people around here have truck guns for coyotes and such.; and they are usually with their truck.

    Again, the scenario you describe would be illegal.

  13. mixter102 says:

    When I first started watching YouTube, I came across an "Essential Car Kit" video, the kit laid out had no jumper cables, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, quart of oil, flashlight, or tools. but did have an AK, full battle load out LBE with body armor, and a Bug Out Bag full of survival gear. This was not a SWAT team member, nor did he live in Fallujah. I almost always think of this video when I hear people talking about a "truck gun".

  14. UziNineMillomeetah says:

    Very glad to hear a professional say this. Truck guns (in the context of the "somewhere else" mentality) are for the most part a waste of money IMO. Nothing wrong with having more guns in general, but the odds of actually implementing a truck gun are extremely low.

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