Trapping a Knife in Close Quarter Combat

For optimal knife defense, you need to finish a fight as quickly as you can. This is doubly true in close quarters, where your movements are limited.

26 thoughts on “Trapping a Knife in Close Quarter Combat

  1. Tyler Lalonde says:

    untrained people are not the best to train with because they are wild and give the attack away. what you mean is committed attackers since they don't stand there giving non committed attacks like you do in your vids.

  2. selfpolicing says:

    In knife defense when you can't get away, I think you should try to grab/trap the arm holding the knife with both of your hands and then never let go of the arm holding the knife. Always try to get two hand on the arm. You can then attack with knees, kicks, takedowns and push him in to things like walls, cars. You grab with two hands and then let go with one hand for striking. Don't you think it is a risk that he could get his arm/knife free when you only hold it with one hand?

  3. jayjay1638 says:

    Best solution to or run away, anyone with armed an knife or any weapons put them in serious advantage over you. Fight should be last resort, if all other options has been exhausted.

  4. Firstt Lastt says:

    we even train in dark rooms sometimes cuz you just dont know what someone can be holding or even doing but youre trained to recognize dangerous objects. And as for knife defenses, we train our vision everyday, we pick up the pace once our vision gets better…I can definitely pick things up a lot faster, before they happen, and you can anticipate peoples movements. I'm gonna train with random newbies though to see how crazy they'll get on me lol Should be fun, and the videos are informative

  5. Stiffonda Reefah says:

    Hey Nick! I was just wondering if you could do a video on how to defend against a flurry of punches. You know, those wild combinations that people throw nowadays in the street. there seems to be absolutely no video on that on youtube!

  6. USKodokan says:

    osh nice work. I have some new ideas for my class thanks to your videos very real but no disrespect to the traditonal martial arts. knowledge is power and being humble with knowledge will make us that much better. thanks.

  7. Michael Vo says:

    Hey, not sure if you're still making videos, but could you make one for defences against a rear/behind the back tackle to the legs? I usually find smaller people doing it to bigger people and I find it hard to defend against if you do not realise what's going on

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