9 thoughts on “Training Short Fencing Lajolo Knife System

  1. EvilShinsaitho says:

    I really don't get It, this is classical fencing, why done with a knife? A sword is a sword a knife is a knife, a martial art based on a weapon define the best way to use the weapon itself. Which is the sense to use a knife as a sword? A knife is the most infamous weapon for the close combat, a close combat with a sword means lose all the efficiency and a pretty sure death

  2. Master Tracker says:

    Master Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano  has lightning fast reflexes and far above average eye / hand coordination . Some of the worst adversaries are smaller men with excellent movement . I would like to see the Master demonstrate the (very vicious) underhand stab between the legs … where the opponent is lifted off the ground and forced backwards with the non knife hand while simultaneously cutting the opponents femoral artery . An overhand stab has been described as the mark of an amateur , but the overhand stab through the collar bone and into the subclavian artery will stop an opponent very quickly . An overhand stab generates 5 times the force of a traditional fencing stab / straight forward / underhand stab . The overhand stab has its' place in knife combatives and a double edged dagger needs no blade edge orientation .  My respect to Master Danilo .

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