Training Krav Maga In Israel – Knife Defense



Greg Tambone training with a legendary Krav Maga instructor in Israel. Mr. Bone discusses his own street-defense form of Martial Arts with some of the best …

11 thoughts on “Training Krav Maga In Israel – Knife Defense

  1. 6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys says:

    Look into where it really came from, guy sold them women’s self defense as a martial art? Real tiniest actual mma will win every time, only country I have no interest in or will not visit, ethnostate of racial and religious supremacists, yet no others can have this. It’s a subversive thieve of global prosperity, just now murdering indigenous people bombing gaza, coup in Bolivia and Mossad blames natzeees ( not using a European racial slur) invented by ashkeNazi’s) with global press luggenpresse to spread lies Jewish Mossad CIA oligarch N@z1’s? Moving from Florida too Latin America soon, permanently this time.FFS

  2. Jeremy Portnoy says:

    Serious over there in the holy land huh? Most of my family served in the idf. I served in the US army. Looking back I wish I had served in the idf as well. Too old and broken now. Your really blessed to be experiencing the way of life in all these parts of the world. Stay deadly brother.

  3. John B says:

    Do this move a thousand times, then you will be just starting to learn the move, do it 20,000 times and you will be a Jedi master of that move.

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