Training Day: Advanced Tactical Carbine (Level 2 Gun Fighting)

My brother and I did some more tactical carbine training recently, and this is the combined footage with narration about our two day course. We trained hard …

25 thoughts on “Training Day: Advanced Tactical Carbine (Level 2 Gun Fighting)

  1. john smith says:

    gotta find a good training course at a reasonable price.if ever it hits the fan people that train regularly would likely just sweep out the welfare trash and gang punks.we should all be ready

  2. JoroJugga says:

    19:49 Maybe could have gone prone like that behind rear wheel and shoot underneath rear bumper. It is higher than bottom of the car. Also rear wheels with breaks and rear axle could provide some cover from incoming fire. Maybe he could not see the targets from there anyways. Anyhow, if there is no solid cover, your only cover is your own intense fire, so just give 'em hell 🙂

  3. Prime Time says:

    I think you guys did a hell of a job.. I myself took several classes like this and have one coming up 5/28/16… My question is, you guys seem to have been crowding your cover, were you told to do so, or was that just instinct?

  4. Anthony Carnathan says:

    Wasn't trying to be an ass. Just an observation. Not really what I think I'll do. Cause I'm the one if I'm ever being fired upon like this. I'm bout 200 yards further back. Waiting on a subject to show more than he needed to for about 3secs. That's all. Good video tho. I did gain more knowledge. And that's what its all about.

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