Traditional Knife Defense Techniques Work? With Icy Mike & Sensei Seth



Anyone that has been in the martial Arts long enough has been taught one steps, bunkai or some type of Self defense moves for Knife Defense. Here is my …

38 thoughts on “Traditional Knife Defense Techniques Work? With Icy Mike & Sensei Seth

  1. Ken Coffman says:

    This 1s great! Personally feel there is a huge difference between a knife fight and a knife attack. The attack is explosive, close, and fast. Primarily multiple jabs with a 4ish inch blade. Pulling a knife in a fight, most likely a larger blade and more slashing type cuts. I guess I'm pretty much armchairing on this but could you guys possibly explore this. Excellent content.

  2. William Cornell says:

    So, it started by talking about how most knife attacks actually lead with the non-knife hand, and how that's a problem, but it ended with a bunch of wrestling where the knife attack leads with the knife hand. Just something to be aware of…

  3. Rigoberto Roque says:

    An issue I have had with knife defense is the training partner, wrestling around and not training as if the trainer is an actual knife. they eventually wrench it from my hand and say "I got it," but then I am left having to explain that they stabbed {themselves} 27 times in the process, I switched to a slightly heavier aluminum trainer since, and it seems to command more respect then the plastic ones… I dont know why, but Im guessing its just psychological, {also it stings a little if you get hit lol}

  4. nyc lee says:

    If the attacker can really use a knife then ur dead cuz u will get stabbed either way my take on it it is attack first and kill hurt then as fast as u can or u will get stabbed

  5. Sifu Hardy says:

    I got the white t and sharpie lesson in 1993. You guys need to step up your knife fighting if you want to get better. What if all hand fight were just enraged attacker with no techniques? We wouldn't need to train…some guys will actually use their knives like a boxer. Footwork.

  6. Special Combat Defensive Tactics USA says:

    Yes good advice here, good training drills but the training weapons no matter what their configuration should be handled and treated as real, sharp, dangerous etc. If not treated as real it might not serve the defender well when and if the real thing is presented. Treating the training props as real weapons promotes a better training mindset.

  7. Concrete Breakdowns says:

    The white shirt with the red marker is brilliant. I always say it to exemplify the reality knife defense. "What if I had a red marker, do you really think you could stop me from getting any marker on your shirt?." But actually getting a bunch of white shirts and using it as a training method is dope!

  8. Alexander Flieger says:

    I'm impressed about how well done this is. But I must say grabbing the blade is a real technique and if done correctly with some luck. You won't be cut. It's sketchy. And also if done correctly you feel like your being cut. But your not. It's weird.

  9. Rottie Bull says:

    Mike's face: Fuck I just taught people a legitamate lethal blow and lethal angle. Don't tell them to clear the scapula and play it off as a defensive lesson. Uhhhhhh…..don't get stabbed here in a knife fight.

    My Face: We all agree Mike's face is stupid and makes people uncomfortable. Like you just want to punch it. It didnt shut up once in this video. It's not even his channel and I still have to listen to it.

    Deer hunters face: As long as you clear the scapula that's a clean single lung hit. They will drop in about 5 minutes but wait 30 and set a 500 yard search radius.

  10. Rob Kinney says:

    One of the best reasons to practice knife defense is not to perfect some unbeatable strategy, but to keep a real assessment of your knife control success/fail rate so you don't try something stupid. Training good eye coordination and good instincts and pattern recognition is great too. I'd like to see you guys try this with perhaps the addition of that buckler. Would it help or make control impossible?

  11. Stephen Fawking III says:

    No, they don't work. Which is why i never bothered going into knife defense classes after the first one, I didn't like it at all.

    A knife using attacker, is most likely gonna conceal their knife until the point of using it on you.

    A knife using attacker is usually trying to be swift and and keep the knife away from you while taking quick little jabs or slashes.

    Best defense is a god damn knife vest. Or being faster than the knife weilder. Or a drawn gun already pointing at them.

  12. Phillip Stoaks says:

    Google search "belegarth dagger" if you want a quick guide on building a practice dagger. Those things have some oomph but they're very safe, I prefer them to either practice knives or the little foam things.

  13. Phillip Stoaks says:

    Seems like most knife attackers flee after the target doesn't die instantly, so the goal is probably to survive the initial attack and minimize the damage so you can survive until you can get medical attention.

  14. FireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts says:

    This was really good, informative, and educational. I've seen other videos where icy has mentioned the foam "stick" but seeing the different ways to apply it was good to see. And I'm a preferred grappler. Wrestling and jujitsu are my comfort areas. So that kind of weapons defense training is something I should look to work on more.

  15. Marxist-Gluteus-Maximus says:

    Knife defense is definitely scary and probably even for high level guys 90% chance you're getting cut. Best strategy I think is obviously running the opposite direction, but for if you did have to fight grabbing a large object like a chair and using that for distance. That can keep them outside of stabbing distance while also allowing you to hit them with the chair. If you don't have that option the methods you're doing are probably best. I would also add some long range striking. You can hit someone with a front kick before they could stab your torso, so that stuff can work. However, everything is high risk with this.

  16. Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics says:

    80% of attacks lead with the empty hand. Actually the switch of hands is less common but does happen and very dangerous, so you should train for that. The key is awareness, most attacks happe 3 feet and the knife is concealed but ready to be deployed. The faster you can intercept it, priori to coming out or picking up speed the higher chances of survival.

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