29 thoughts on “Track Guy vs Martial Artist in a Knife Fight!

  1. McFlubberpants says:

    One thing I almost never see in knife fighting videos are defensive footwork, or any defense for that matter. The first thing you learn in competitive fencing is how to defend. Now that's a sport with swords, however certain styles of fencing will count simultaneous hits as points for both players, making it an extremely defensive sport.

  2. finalbossd says:

    I don't think 4 trials is really enough to find a statistically significant pattern, but I think there should have been a period (perhaps within 100 milliseconds) where both people can score, since being stabbed will not necessarily stop your forward momentum if you are in the midst of a stab.

  3. Lunix Windows says:

    Track guy has reach advantage and longer legs. The longer legs gives him the advantage of going in and out of the red zone a lot quicker with fewer steps. All three hits, if you notice, were straight stabs. The BJJ guy was trying to out angle the Track guy. Best strategy for guys who are at a reach disadvantage is to go for the hands, arms and legs of their opponent. Stay out of the Red zone…it's 100% losing chance.

  4. Kamran Sadiq says:

    I don't mean to sound like an armchair coach but shouldn't the mma guy be using his jab hand the lead hand instead of the slower back hand? And what's with his footwork? He keeps switching stances slowing down his lead hand. Give knife to a boxer and see what he does

  5. vince arizala says:

    In a real knife fight, jab slash the nearest limb, you don't have to go straight to vital organs and risk yourself getting stabbed. An accumulated limb slash is enough to weaken and disorient the opponent.

  6. Fredo says:

    In a real fight, after someone gets stabbed a referee isn't going to show up and say "One point! alright now go back to your corners and get ready again…and..3..2..1..go!" So why do it here? If you just let the fight play out naturally like it should have, we would have seen a completely different outcome. You can't do any clinch work or grabbing when it ends after the first hit.

    And if you think one of those little stabs would instantly kill or disable someone 100% of the time then you have no idea how trauma affects the human body and you should spend a weekend at your local trauma clinic. Or just go on liveleak and watch people stab each other. I've never seen somebody just give up after the first stab. Stupid video

  7. Clarence Baluca says:

    That's because the mechanics of knife fencing are more similar to running than to most martial arts. Knife fencing, or knife dueling at long range, is about closing the gap in an instant without getting hit. That means sprinting into your opponent, and obviously a sprinter is better at that than a Muay Thai or BJJ guy.

    Someone trained in Krav Maga or SPEAR would have performed better, as they do train with knives and are masters of bursting – which is practically the same as sprinting into your opponent. Kali and Silat practitioners train with knives all the time, and spar with them, plus they know trapping and grappling with knives like no other arts do, so I won't be surprised if these guys turn out
    to be the best.

  8. ComplexBlackness says:

    The track athlete had the more explosive forward movement due to his track background.

    I'm curious to how the Filipino Grandmasters trained back in the 1920's-50's, men such as Ilustrisimo, Saavedras, The Canete's, Bacon, etc. It has to be different from today much like the Okinawan Karate training from 70+ years ago vs the garbage training we have today.

  9. Joseph Allen says:

    Interesting but nobody won because both people were hit in every exchange and there is no way to determine the extent of injury each person would have suffered. The point system used to determine the winner was meaningless.

    Furthermore, while it does effectively shatter any assumption people might have about a martial artist always having an advantage in a knife fight, it doesn't tell us how martial artists as a population would fare against other groups of athletes.

    The only thing we can safely infer from this encounter is that in this specific instance the martial artists background didn't give him any advantage over the track athlete.

    Nevertheless, I do feel that this demonstration served a useful purpose because I think many people, myself included, would naturally assume that any martial artist would have a substantial advantage in any kind of fight. Dispelling that assumption was a valuable leaning point.

  10. Raiden4019 says:

    This just goes to show the real threat of the knife. One time I asked a cop why a knife can be considered just as if not more dangerous than a gun, and his explanation has still stuck with me to this day:

    "It never jams, never runs out of ammo, and best of all you don't need ANY training to understand how to use it effectively."

    And that last bit is what we saw here from the track guy; no combatives training at all, still fully capable of killing a trained fighter. Scary.

  11. Matt Ruth says:

    im not trained in knife fighting and so im not the expert, but something I've noticed when knife fighting or training with one is both people are waiting for the other to move first so they can make their move.

  12. Cameron Buckner says:

    I know this video is supposed to be for entertainment/information and it is thought provoking and again I love this channel…but that music bro, loved it like watching a scene from West Side Story!

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