26 thoughts on “Trachea Hold – Self Defense

  1. Charles Myrick says:

    there are more then one way to brake that hold so I would surjest that you cover that as well but the easiest way is to just drop go limp and as LATORR said look down will going limp and you are free then just side step and kick the side of the knee and he goes down then as I have done a lot while living in Highland park CA just leave.

  2. cory cordova says:

    Forget the arm …you could use many options for ancillary controls. However he's only showing half the technique. One should also use the blade side of the hand to wedge up into the lower throat. This allows the grip to tighten if the opponent brings chin to chest

  3. Richard Rowe says:

    this is a very dangerous choke, if you crush someones trachea you will kill them. It's not allowed in MMA – only blood chokes are because if you cut the blood flow to the brain (rear naked, guillotine choke) then the person will be out without risking killing them. In England if you did this on a night club door you would lose your licence and be up for up assault….don't ever do it unless ur life is threatened.

  4. LAVATORR says:

    Actually, a guy tried that on me and I was like "Fucking seriously? You're telling me you're going o singlehandedly crush my throat in front of dozens of witnesses because I wen into your shitty night club?"

    The defense to the trachae hold is to lower your chin, which most guys do out o# instinct anyway.

  5. Lynda Huebel says:

    Would a short woman be able to use that lifting arm skill? Usually men are taller than women. If not, what would be an alternative move for that one.  I like the idea of the trachia hold, but the arm move concerns me.

  6. Michael Dunster says:

    they release real quick when you tear their fingers out of socket,been in that hold quite a bit,as long as you don't panic and realize you have at least 20 seconds before lights out,you can do significant damage to the pinkie and/or ring finger,trust me ,,they will let go,,Trach hold is a good hold yet it is not full proof,

  7. mrblaque215 says:

    Definitely a great self defense grappling technique and very versatile. The move is even more painful if you use the underhooking arm to grab the choking hand's wrist, as it incorporates an armbar in with the choke.

  8. Lucas Thompson says:

    @rshadoe The other arm is almost useless as soon as you lift, no leverage at all, and it is difficult to get a big breath of air for a strong strike. Evaluating a situation to decide how to handle it is as important as the learning the techniques themselves. "what if.."'s aren't really a good way to judge any one particular move. That said, "what if" scenarios are a good thing to ask of teachers and trainers in order to get that knowledge and better insights into how to evaluate an opponent.

  9. FightFast says:

    @rshadoe give this a try and you'll discover that the combination of having one arm wrapped and your grasp firmly on their trachea, you will have their undivided attention and complete cooperation. It's a highly vulnerable and painful hold.

    Be careful, very careful, in practicing this. Perhaps have someone else put you in the hold and feel for yourself why you will not be attempting anything with the off hand.

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