TOPS USMC Combat Knife: Tabletop Overview



This is the combat knife for the next Generation. Manufactured by TOPS knives in the USA with an amazing reputation for creating dependable and indestructible …

25 thoughts on “TOPS USMC Combat Knife: Tabletop Overview

  1. Chas No says:

    You can go wrong with the Bowie. That design has been resulting in romantic-looking, but weak tipped knives for 200 years. Even the Kabar MK2 got away from that, retaining a clip point, but not so recklessly dramatic a point as the Bowie. There are few things more comical looking than a Bowie with its tip snapped off – it just screams, "Idjit!"
    That sheath is just plain wrong by not accommodating left or right. That's a design error. I have a knife with a sheath like that, and it's left or right, no issues either way.
    Quarter-inch thickness? That is too thick. We're already killing our soldiers with excess weight, and some idiot comes along with a quarter-inch thick knife? No, thank you! One for the TOPS fan boys, but not for soldiers in the field. It's not a bad knife, I'm sure the quality is awesome, but I would not buy one. I'd buy a brilliantly designed Kabar first. That stick tang keeps the weight down, as it has done for many decades, and it won't fail you, if not such an idiot as to "baton" with it.
    I have been very disappointed with TOPS offerings, this being the latest example. Their puuko has unnecessary holes in it, and I even passed on their famous bushcraft knife for other options (Terava Jaakaripuuko 110 and Kabar MKl). Maybe they'll get it just right for me one of these days, with at least one of their knives.

  2. Airik1111 says:

    I know this video is ancient but that sheath SUCKS!!! I hope they fixed the button issue and when paying the $$$$$$$ for their knives the sheath should be ready for combat. That velcro would last a whole day in the elements, just like the handle being important so is the sheath system. What good is a knife if it falls out and gets lost…..I know everyone says "get a custom sheath" but when paying for Tops the sheath should come ready and able.

  3. JeepJeep234 says:

    It's a cool knife but I think it cost too much for what it is. Personally my favorite is my KA-BAR 1245 tanto. 8 inches long with a false edge that runs down the spine until it gets to the serrations. Out of all the knives I have the 1245 I think has the best penetration due to its fine yet strong tanto tip. It went through a piece of stab resistant padding like it wasn't there, and my standard 1211 just couldn't get through all the way.

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