TOPS USMC Combat Knife, Full Review




29 thoughts on “TOPS USMC Combat Knife, Full Review

  1. Eric Thompson says:

    I have the tops steel eagle delta class and the moccasin ranger and these knives have great sheaths. I am picky because these knives are no joke and are for combat. I love tops knives and love this knife as well (just not the sheath it comes with.) Thanks for all your videos! We all juggle knives rocks!

  2. J Knifeguy says:

    I hope everything is ok for you and your family with all the riots, civil unrest and disruption going on. Not sure if it's effecting you yet but I'm glad to know you'll have the means .

  3. Derek Neumann says:

    I love TOPS, but they are pricey and most of their sheaths leave something to be desired…. the BEST all around belt/camp knife is the TOPS Camp-Creek….hands down. S35VN blade, Kydex sheath, leather dangler, Nessmuk blade…. $125-150…. Holy Shit… it's a hidden gem.

  4. Briant Lougan says:

    Nice looking blade. Too bad it's only available in rust prone steel. And I suspect that handle isn't going to be the most comfortable. But the price will be relatively high. My favorite TOPS knife is the Prather War Bowie. It's so damn cool that I'm willing to excuse the shitty steel.

  5. Pete Bates says:

    I'd be super interested in your opinion on readily available knives as alternatives to the Becker BK20. Thanks for the many years of incite and entertainment.

  6. Timbo437 says:

    Soldiers seldom ever use their knives to fight with any more. but it does occasionally happen. If you were to find yourself in a situation that required you to use a knife to dispatch an enemy who just happens to be attempting to do the same thing to you, this one looks like it would certainly be up to the task. It may sound expensive, but what price is to much when you consider the fact that your very life may just depend on that knife at some point?

  7. Alexander Bertallo says:

    TOPS is producing a really wide range of knives… and of course they have their top sellers…
    Two TOPS knives that did not get alot of attention here on youtube are IMHO two of their best models:
    – HOG 4.5
    – D.A.R.T.

  8. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    The wildest dream would be derailing the enemy's train by sticking the knife in the rail and then picking the knife without any damage to it, blowing the dust and putting back in the sheath and proceeding to the next mission.

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