TOPS KNIVES Tactical Kukri CUMA TA-KRI by Waysun Johnny Tsai Part 2 of 3



Waysun Johnny Tsai introduces the CUMA TAK-RI and demonstrates CUMA edged weapon combative techniques.

7 thoughts on “TOPS KNIVES Tactical Kukri CUMA TA-KRI by Waysun Johnny Tsai Part 2 of 3

  1. Farid Al Eisri says:

    I think the title should be "Shortcut to Sing Sing".you train with this thing should mean that you are planning on using it…if you use it in any country in the world…with a exception of Somalia….you are going to jail

  2. WaysunJohnnyTsai says:

    @arimanaz This video is about Universal applications, targeting strikes and angling capabilities of the CUMA TAK-RI knife. It does not matter if he had a knife , hammer, club, bottle in his hand or nothing at all. This video simply demonstrates some of the thought that went into designing this knife. AND just because someone is not armed it does not make them less then leathal…even if you are armed. Someone you think is an unarmed "fag" may beat you down knife or not.

  3. arimanaz says:

    ok. This is interesting situation. Like you are standing here with that big ass kukri and some guy decides to attack you with no weapon. This is no fihting techique, this is a slaying tip. Because with kukri in your hand you can do caveman technique and it will work against unarmed fag.

  4. WaysunJohnnyTsai says:


    call TOPS KNIVES . Ask ROBERT if you can pre-order one. They will be on the Website some time in May and Available by Blade Show in June 2011. Thank you for your support. Also look for the ongoing IDW GI Joe Comic Book series "SNAKE EYES". Issue 1 comes out May 25th and the CUMA-TAKRI was selected at the exclusive knife for the most iconic ninja for the entire series. SE uses it on page 4 of issue two which come out in June as well.

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