TOPS KNIVES | Factory Tour | Funker Tactical

TOPS Knives is an American Knife company based out in the Rocky Mountains, USA. TOPS Knives manufactures rugged, field-ready blades carried by …

25 thoughts on “TOPS KNIVES | Factory Tour | Funker Tactical

  1. YeOldeScience says:

    I have 2 knives from these guys. One is a Tom Brown Tracker that I've carried for about 10 years now. I've used it so much, it's a different color than when I got it. But it still serves me well; and I don't think it's even close to wearing out.

  2. Joseph Dykes says:

    Great video. These guys, and girl, know what they are doing. I like the attention to detail and how over built their designs are. This video convinced me to buy one. I have any opportunity to buy a used Black Rhino or US Combat. Hmm, maybe I'll just get both

  3. Lance Cruz says:

    I bought the Armageddon but then sold it off. When I chopped down a young mango tree, the pommel did some damage to my pinky. So you can imagine how disappointed I was spending almost three hundred dollars for nothing. I can't wait to try the sxb

  4. sleeplesseye says:

    Too bad that Mike Fuller is actually internationally wanted criminal and embezzler of $50 million of people's life savings, and a money launderer for heroin smugglers, Michael Jay Hand. Search YouTube for "NOTORIOUS AUSTRALIAN FUGITIVE FOUND LIVING IN THE US AFTER DECADES ON THE RUN".

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