TOPS Knives C.U.T. 4.0 Overview

The C.U.T. 4.0 (Combat Utility Tool) was designed by Joshua Swanagon to be useful as a self-defense/tactical weapon while also serving as a classic drop point …

35 thoughts on “TOPS Knives C.U.T. 4.0 Overview

  1. Ben Kurth says:

    Was that file cabinet named Aaron? Because. “You done messed up A-Aron!!!” Love that! Great video. I have a good few number of knives. Unfortunately none of them are TOPS Knives. Yet. However, I intended to solve that with my 2018 Christmas wish list. In the meantime I am enjoying the new TOPS research opportunity on YouTube. So far the new MSF and Tac-Raz have caught my attention the most. Looking forward to Abington something alittle different and unique to my edc rotation. Thanks for posting!

  2. Danny Cadle says:

    I would love that with a sharp and hardened ninety degree spine or finger choil plus either the sombre wash finish or no coating at all, but maybe blued for tactical purposes

  3. s. Conragutltaion for radenig tih says:

    I recently ordered one after watching a friend rip through ribs with ease at a bbq party.

    Say… If I order your TOPS Karambit via directly from your website, is there a way to get the rotating belt clip (like on my B.O.B.) to be applied to the Karambits sheath?

  4. Mark Ruiz says:

    I love TOPS Knives.  The one criticism I would give is that you all have to be addicted to high carbon steels….namely 1095. It's outstanding I know.  Generally best used on blades that will need high durability to endure serious impact. I hope that you all will consider using stainless steel more, or at least allow for the option for many more models that you offer.  This would especially be beneficial for your smaller blades that would generally be used/worn in high humid environments. For on the body wear, like neck knives, I've seen that even quality stainless steel knives rust a little bit….but nowhere near what high carbon does. Many stainless options today can even endure heavy use.  Please consider using steels like 440C, 154CM, S30/35VN or even BD1 more on your blades where it makes sense like neck & fighting/tactical blades. For example, most of your neck knives, or this C.U.T. 4.0, would be perfect for a few of my "wet environment use" blade requirements if it was built with 440C or these other stainless steels….but currently most of your blades in this category fall short on capability due to this issue.

  5. Miyamoto Clan says:

    Many of us want to see the blade tip after you guys used it to puncture the metal cabinets. You said you'd post photos on Facebook but I was unable to find them. Could you post a link? If you haven't posted the photos, will you do so?

  6. Mr.DeLaCruz 559 says:

    C.U.T MY NEW the versatility and quality of the knife and sheath. Please Tops dump the nylon sheaths!Your knives are to good of quality to be put in those garbage sheaths. I've had upgrade my sxb sheath to kydex. love the leather sheath my silent hero came with but the nylon is horrible. its the only complaint i see everyone have including myself towards Tops knives. The cut 4.0 is perfect though i wouldn't change a thing! Thanx!

  7. Robert b says:

    so I have a question. I'm discussing the maker of a knife .on another channel. he's doing a review on a top tracker one knife , that he bought from another owner privately. I immediately noticed it wasn't a tops knife more like a WSK tracker knife. and we just keep having this discussion. lol this guy has a really great bushcraft channel. would you watch the video and let me know . the channel is (the prepared wanderer. ) just a friendly discussion . agian thanks for top quality knifes . I'm sure I have 50 of your knives already.

  8. Robert b says:

    great video… just wondering if tops know about the brothers of bushcraft knife clone being sold now ? they are also using the tops logo . it a little smaller. but close. they selling at $30 . just thought you should know .

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