TOPS Knives – Back Bite Russian Martial Art Knife


25 thoughts on “TOPS Knives – Back Bite Russian Martial Art Knife

  1. Pucks4Fun 2 says:

    Such a cool looking knife and I love the feel of the handle but the knife doesn't seem very practical. Like how often and how many people would ever use a knife for stuff like this??? Very cool stuff but just not used very often. Hope this is not taken as an insult. That's not at all what this comment was meant to be. Would definitely like to see some other knives designed by Max Venom!!!

  2. Joe Cannabyte says:

    I'd fucking love this thing to compliment my emerson karambit or my custom d2 Tanabe karambit….looks like pikal style would be favored there, eh? Basically for if someone like…Dwayne Johnson sized is choking you out, I always presume the perosn who is going to try and hurt me (that I'm desperate enough to use my karambits or other deadly options on) is a better fighter, stronger, faster, etc….

    Don't ever wanna take chances, y'know?

    Really groovy blade! Added to my list, for sure! Right now it's the CRKT Dragon if I go warrencliff

  3. ringo1029384756 says:

    Giving him the business. I love the knife. I hate the sheath. Had to get a custom sheath made up with the option for a tek-lok so I can carry it either on my IOTV or gun belt. But I don't buy knives for the sheaths. Very, very nice blade.

  4. Zac L. says:

    I have been looking over ALL the TOPS knives for a smaller defense knife. I have the Anaconda as an all in all survival tool, but honestly I don't think it would hold up well in a fight… this one might have me sold.

  5. Max Venom says:

    @NOCTURNOzombie – I am glad to know that you are a Back Bite owner! I am glad to take into consideration any and all options and am always open to any feedback, no matter where it comes from. Thank you for the comments! If you are interested, a company called TAK Knife has recently introduced the production of a fantastic Back Bite trainer. We are thoroughly pleased with the outcome of their efforts! I will be posting short review on the Max Venom blog soon. – C

  6. NOCTURNOzombie says:

    @MaxVenomProductGroup I do own one and I do love it. The finger guard is just a personal thing I would like. But like I said I do love this knife. I carry it everyday. Thanks for the reply too most don't take the time to respond to respond to customers.

  7. Max Venom says:

    @NOCTURNOzombie – Firstly, thank you for your comments. Second, if you have yet to hold the Back Bite knife in your hand, you will find that it has an extremely positive grip configuration by design. An incredible number of Back Bite knives have been purchased by our services members over seas. The knife has been put to its intended purpose repeatedly with no reported issues. We have received nothing but substantial positive commentary thus far.

  8. Max Venom says:

    @fiveform – Brother, I never said that I hadn't studied FMA. Someone once deducted that the style was Pekiti Tirsia Kali, it is not specifically and I stated so. For the record, I have studied various FMA styles and others. Although not necessarily under any particular individuals who are names in the field, or who would care to be named. I made this video so that many could relate to it, and I am glad that you can. It has both elements of FMA and RMA, but it is not entirely one or the other.

  9. Five Form says:

    Colin, I'm just not getting the "Russian Martial Arts" thing here. I've studied and taught Filipino technique for almost 30 years and your techniques are all dead ringers for Kali, Escrima, and Arnis blade techniques as taught by people like Dan Inosanto, Leo Gaje and many other Filipino masters.

    I really like your knife design for use in Filipino arts as it is both a Sak Sak and Pakal blade, without the need to change grips. Are you sure you haven't studied any Filipino technique???

  10. Five Form says:

    Hey Monkey Boy, so are you dissin' Colin because he lives better than you? Maybe all your survival training isn't paying off. If you survive you look better and feel better. When you fail, you get on blogs and leave feedback like that…
    I guess you only believe people who are victims and bleed everyday? What exactly is your point??? Join the suffering club or you're no good?

  11. SovereignKonceptz says:

    Dude where to you live? Sounds like you live somewhere comfy and cozy where no one tries to harm you. Honestly id love to live in a place like that. Unfortunately that's not the world we live in. You can either ignor it or deal with it. But ignoring doesn't make the problem go away, unless you 10 and have a problem with the school bully. I value my life. And will carry the tools necessary to defend it, and my loved ones. Peace.

  12. Max Venom says:

    @edmundos99 or Gimmick – If you are looking for considerable more range, I suggest that you perhaps find yourself some implement other than a knife. Gripping a knife in a manner that gives you a few extra inches is not the solution to your specific problems, such as not knowing what you are talking about. Either you have no idea what you are looking at or don't know how to read. I invite you to post a video response, THAT YOU MADE, and show us how its done.

  13. edmundos99 says:

    You'll lose range with the reverse sabre grip so I would only use it in my off hand as it's quite defensive. It's strange that it’s designed specifically for trapping when almost any blade can do that. The kind of knife fighting demonstrated is based around slash attacks, which tends to be more effective in real fights than stabbing, but then you say how good the blade shape is for stab wounds. I wonder how easy it would be to pull the blade out after penetrating the clothes and flesh. Gimmick

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