28 thoughts on “TOPS Knives Apache Falcon

  1. csh 62 says:

    Cool looking knife and very sharp. As for batoning, I have batoned enough and seen so many videos on batoning that I know this knife would have no problem going through wood. Even a butter knife will baton through tough wood. I hope I never get into a knife fight, but for military use it will work well. Thanks!

  2. NATEaBERGER says:

    Nice review bro. It's good to see what's considered to be a combat knife used as a jack of all trades. Because as we all know, the primary function of a knife is to cut. This knife looks like something that is easily carry-able, so it could be a primary carry for someone who chooses not to carry a firearm or where that firearm carry is prohibited. Good for defense/offense, and you could survive with it in general if needed.

  3. Erik22552 says:

    When I think of a fighting knife, I think of the countless ways one can lose his/her fingers or even a hand. So it makes sense to me to have protection over those precious digits so one can still scratch an itch or flick a booger right?! Great video man and my hats off to TOPS and "Snake Blocker" for a really good design.

  4. William R says:

    Ah… my fav. Tops Knife… I'll never own… $$$. The shorter blade version.. the guy with the Pathfinder School sells it. I prefer the Falcon because it's longer. I agree with Grandpaw. Good Video

  5. Rick AB. says:

    It looks like nice knife it feathers and cuts well. I am not a knife fighter but I'm looking at the knife and on the blade is a place for your finger which I guess helps with the cut of wood, meat, so on and so on. I was thinking that why a fighting knife have a place for your finger ? I was thinking the blade be all blade from tip to handle ? Just a question so I guess it has more than one usage ? And My grandfather done the same with me foot or a stick.

  6. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah John, I wonder if Top's has a Custom Shop. The reason being is I didn't like the Rodent 6. It too was a Military TactiKewl Knife. But a guy on Blade Forum had the Top Guard taken off. So I had mine thinned down also. Now it looks like a Ratmandu on steroids. Infact it's now one of my Fav's. It's definitely a slicer now too. Great for the bush. I use to team it with my Mora 510 as my Neck knife with it. But now I'm using my Mora Forest Exclusive #277 a Hand Made Laminated Blade with Hardwood Handle and Brass Hardware. It also comes in a Beautiful Leather Sheath. But as far as the Rocky Mountain Tread, I like them. Thanx John for a good review.,,.p

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