In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl ex-bouncers talk about self defend tips before going out to the bar or club. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …


  1. Dark Light says:

    bouncers are bitch and motherfucker!!!! I remember long time before in a pub in paris the bouncer agress me cause i was so drunk than i cannot fight and he want punch me without reason but my friend stop him….i was compet in a national level in boxing so i come back the next weekend with iron knukkle for punish him and this bitch don't want fight and he call the police…..fuck all the bouncer in the world!!!!!

  2. Casey Pickle says:

    A few more tips. Mind your manners if you're playing pool and don't bet. Most of the bar fights I've ever seen have been at the pool table. Watch what you wear, especially sports gear. If you are wearing for example a rival's team gear, watch your mouth. Do a little bit of observing before hitting on women. Don't get too drunk. Also make sure you have friends with you, especially if you go to a bar you've never been to before.

  3. Rocky Do says:

    Some of the shit that happens in clubs smh, it puts me off getting drunk tbh, every time I've been attacked at a bar it's always when I'm drunk and a bunch of sober guys wanna fight me for no reason, it pisses me off tbh.
    Last week a group of guys ganged up on me when I was drunk because I sat at a table that they wanted, I was confused af because who fights over a table?

  4. Marwan Ahmed says:

    Back in the day i went to a club and a girl that was with another guy started flirting with me the guy came back and my hands were all over her ass he was really aggressive wanted to strike me so i punched him in the face and in seconds about 3 bouncers came running at me pushed me hard but i didn't fight back i tried to tell them what happened but they wouldn't listen they got us both out of the club and i didn't even get that girl's number . She was really hot damn!!

  5. Joshua Heartnet says:

    I guess "you reap what you sow" is true enough.. nice tips man, been watching a lot of your videos and it's a very valuable information and tips.. especially about the bouncers who's really looking for a fight haha… I thought bouncers are only for security purposes, but some of 'em really looking for some action… good info, keep making videos man!

  6. Brian West says:

    honestly, yea when we dropped off money at night for business it was at well lite area, and we normally trabel by 2, me and one in another car, and at least oneperson is armed.

  7. Max Cheng says:

    Your vids are generally awesome, but this on is priceless. It's a GEM.

    There are still many people think if they learned all those fancy techniques or killer moves then they know self-defense (especially here in China). Yet they failed to see important factors other than techniques and physical strength. It's like what Bruce Lee said in Enter The Dragon, "It's a way of fighting without fighting." And that, my friends, is the true meaning of self-defense.

  8. twelvmnkys says:

    Good vid, but one thing missing: when you first enter a club/bar, locate all obvious exits and potential exits (like the door to the kitchen, etc.). That way, if a brawl escalates to a firearm situation, or there's a terror attack (think Orlando) you have a much better chance of getting out alive.

  9. Brian West says:

    i worked the dor and bounced for a while, to biggest weapons i had was my mouth and my brain. was not too many situations i could not get out of learned how to get stragglers outta the bar, hell i got my jib because of how i handled a fight in the parking lot, a disgruntal guy at the bar, and a drunk woman, never touched any of them, expt yhe woman, all i did there was put her in a nelson, till she calm down, and kept telling her i am not here to hurt you, i am not your BF, all in a calm voice, the bartender said, you want a job? lol like an idiot i said sure! lol

  10. Carlos Zanini says:

    3:47, so true… I almost got beaten just to rescue a "tough" coworker one time. When you are a bouncer a lot of guys just want prove your wits and you must stay cool and don't go sloppy or risk your life, because most altercations are outside and they can wait all night just to jump on you. You must be a "zen master" to work as doorman, because is very dangerous in a lot of ways. Great video, stay safe.

  11. Paul G says:

    I am against hitting women in general but if someone attacks me with a beer bottle I am going to knock her out too!
    Getting hit in the head with a bottle could do a lot of damage and even kill you.

  12. Gene Burnett says:

    I would add: "Don't drink to the point where you're impaired." Being impaired in public is always a liability. Awareness goes to shit. Competence decreases while confidence increases, which is a bad combination. Lots of "seemed like a good idea at the time" drunk dudes end up in jail or the hospital. It's not always easy in the moment, but if you pace yourself and keep your drinking to this side of impairment, your chances of injury stay down.

  13. Amanvir Gill says:

    can you still make that video that you said you would of how to handle a situation if someone slaps your girls butt, a lot of ppl would be interested in this. I think a good scenario would be if you're in the club with your girl chilling and a guy slaps her ads while you're walking by him, another scenario is if you are in the streets and a guy slaps her ass while there is a group of guys, LASTLY if you walk by people and guys are catcalling or saying stuff; these are the most common scenarios that people go through please make this video ASAP a lot of people would be interested in this!!!!!

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