Top 7 Combat Jujutsu Attacks | Throws & Aikijutsu



We’re going to explore the top 7 Japanese Jujutsu attacks that can be used for sport, street and survival. Included are Jujutsu throws such as the Ippon Seoi …

20 thoughts on “Top 7 Combat Jujutsu Attacks | Throws & Aikijutsu

  1. Henrik G says:

    Japanese Jiu-Jitsu? And no-Gi training? Seems more like basic Judo with some heavy borrows from BJJ, MMA, and some basic (thai-)boxing defense But practiced with static scenarios.

  2. ayman abaza says:

    I train Judo and love it for its explosiveness but we also cross train Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu and I love all the different wrist, armlocks and leg locks we use, if you have the time cross train it's to your advantage. OUS

  3. Into Comedy says:

    TRITAC Martial Arts, this is very interesting. I always think that aiki jujitsu, koryu jujutsu, aikido, hapkido, etc are impractical and weak, but when you have a good base in styles like bjj, I think these TMA style's techniques may suppliment and even surprise people in the circuit.

    Good example is Shinya Aoki's fight where he broke his opponent's arm with a standing armlock. It was a low percentage move when used against an athletic and educated opponent in a fast-moving environment, but opponent did expect such thing in the first place.

  4. Coda Combatives says:

    Been a fan of your channel, glad you are showing traditional JuJutsu with modern entries. I've been doing similar incorporating FMA, Wing Chun with JuJutsu locks on my channel. Keep up with the videos!

  5. Raymond Wells says:

    Combat jujitsu ??? Hasnt jujitsu always been combat with judo and aikido developed from it also originally jujitsu was so brutal even the Japanese banned it in its original form what is around today is watered down version

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