21 thoughts on “Top 5 Tactical Fighting Fixed Blades : Tactical Show

  1. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Tac'ie My People, I have one I keep forgetting about. How about my Randall Made Model #14 almost "Invincible" claimed by Bob at Randall Made, Mine has a Griffin Handle (A one finger groove) In a Black Micarta. But I also like the reach on my San Mai 3 Natchez which I just got a SecurEx Sheath for it. A very unique tang that swords have. Yeah, It's a "Fighter", Yeah, I also like my Sterile Gerber Silver Trident Double Serrated in 154 C M and my Bob Tersuola CQB1 also in 154 C M. But I also love my Randall Made Model 1 with the Leather Stack Handle in O1. Oh, and my Busse Combat Sarge 7. in the INFI Steel. Oh and my C. S. CarbonV Laredo. But my Fav's I like to bring to a Knife Fight is my Para Ordnance Expert S. S. 1911 converted into the 460 Rowland, heh heh heh <|~_^|>.,,. p

  2. Bryan Tinlin says:

    The Black Jack by far looks the best. I can imagine some nice engraving to make it look medieval. Then again, the DT Honey Badger would be wonderful to have. Too bad they are impossible to get. Thanks for sharing Tac.

  3. F K says:

    Tactical great knives, but honestly I'd choose an Ontario SP1 for $35 over any of those. I own 3, and practice with them (one is dulled/training dummy) they are great for self defense and "jack of all trades master of none" utility work. I haven't found a better fixed blade with a grip like that for under $40 Made In USA.

  4. DrJuice1 says:

    love the meaty guard on that Blackjack. the whole thing looks straight out of a Punisher comic, too. badass. thanks for the review; i'm in the market for a fixed blade.

  5. franksgolfcarts says:

    Hi tactical please respond to this

    Wouldn't the best battle blade be the biggest blade (to a point) you can get your hands on? Unless you're a trained knife fighter, wouldn't you rather have a machete than a knife? wouldn't you rather have a big bowie than one of those knives? Just my point of view. Whats yours?

  6. Mr. I says:

    You have to try the Yarara's Knives … They are suppliers of the Argentinean Army and Security Forces. Nice vid Tac … Hasta la vista, amigo!

  7. Richard Smith says:

    Siting here watching the show and all I see is what appears to be a snow filled screen. Then I advance forward and realize it is the cover on a table waiting for the first knife. Just as I was fixing to give You tube hell the first knife is displayed. This old man has been many places – seen a lot of ugly shit and the very last thing I ever want to be involved in is a knife fight. Unless of course I behold my .45 in tac mode.

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