46 thoughts on “Top 5 Self Defense Mistakes- Nick Drossos

  1. Reverhelldom says:

    Damn Nick, never commented here but dude… you're awesome, I love it.
    I am giving some self defense classes along with boxing for the strong and simple base for many martial arts and street defense, and your videos are a great base for me, along with all your advice, thanks brother!

  2. wei sun says:

    hi ,nick i ve been watch your videos quite while ,alot moves is about defand a knife ,i wonder would you ever do a video about how to defand a machete ? or long knife .because what i from ,some bad guys usually use machete rather than knife . thank you very much ..

  3. Kyle Braddy says:

    Hey nick, What advice would you give to people who have vision loss and mainly rely on their hearing and other senses? As well as people who carry a white cane to help them get around?

  4. SgtFitnessOnline says:

    The number one mistake is the student not figuring out their goal and doing the research to find the right instructor. So many instructors/schools don't teach and some don't know the basics you just laid out. So often people read the sign in the window: improve coordination, listen to your parents, do better in school, build confidence, improve fitness, learn to defend yourself…yada…yada… And like zombies they accept it. He's the master. You can't question him. If he says do this then it must be right. Real self-defence/survival fighting is it's own speciality and it's been my experience most mainstream instructors don't have a clue, and if they do they got it after they were too far invested in the system they are teaching to turn back.

  5. knowledgeisthepower1 says:

    i'll add a couple:
    1. Learning self defense and not increasing your power. Should always be trying to increase power in ur shots.
    2. Waiting for the perfect shot. You got to take what u got and go with it.
    3. Not learning basic self defense laws

  6. cogen651 says:

    Good video,I agree, but I'd still like to see a video with you and a BJJ black belt that can show some of the proper techniques that can be used in a street fight.
    One of the problems I see in the video is striking first, if the aggressor throws a punch, then you block and counter,that's OK but to outright strike first maybe against the law. Now, that being said ,you maybe better off to back away from the agressor, informing several times in front of witnesses , to stay back please (keep him out of the strike zone). If he still come close, then strike.

  7. Matt Nowell says:

    Hey nick, I was wondering is there a way to train yourself, your reflexes to the point that you don't need to use words or dont need to escape, having plan for every opponent movement, every weapon he would use, finishing him off or his friends with him with your fighting movements? Is it possible for a human being

  8. zivot92 says:

    And first of all not having a safe zone, to talk you don't need to be that close in 90% of situation and if he is not respecting your safe zone and try to force his way in you take him out asap or run away.. i hope you do agree on that Nick, OSS

  9. Sujit Rawat says:

    Those tips are very helpful. Today i was about to get into a fight , the guy which i was facing was around 5'11" and very gaint as hell and iam only 5'7" and slim , as you say in your videos try to defuse the situation, verbally i did and saved my ass. Thank you.

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