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This week, on Tactical Rifleman, we are going to cover Karl’s favorite 5 Rifle Drills for New Shooters. Yes, there are hundreds of great drills out there. Yes, you …

26 thoughts on “Top 5 Combat Drills | Special Forces Training | Tactical Rifleman

  1. ron36105 says:

    Hello Karl, another AWESOME video man. You have taught me/us so many cool training drills I appreciate you giving me these tools to put into my tool box. Unfortunately I don’t get to all of the drills I have been exposed to in your channel but the ones I have watched are all tucked away in my head. Just being exposed to things can help a Human in a time of need. Again I appreciate it and thank you for all the lessons…..

  2. michael craig says:

    Am an instructor, myself, and have been exposed to a bunch of others over the course of many years. I have been, quietly, critical of many of them for deficient, lackluster training methods. In essence, they were "also-rans" who could not seem to develop peak student interest. Add some egos and they dampen the desired result. NOT THIS GUY! He checks-off all the boxes for being a one-of-a-kind instructor whose noble objective is to produce a qualified, well-taught pupil. THAT, my friends….is true instructor-benevolence. He's a "keeper." Become a believer!

  3. Erik Sxhmelzle says:

    On the failure to stop and box drills. We were instructed as range coaches to favor pelvis shots during table three due to hit percentage of at least that's what they said. I always thought that's was stupid. Just wondering your thoughts on pelvic shots compaired to t box shits .

  4. Katniss Daniel says:

    Good evening Karl. Thank you for such informative videos. I live in the UK and by virtue of UK law my
    choice of firearms is a little limited compared to yours in the USA, but I really appreciate your weapon
    handling tutorials. You have certainly helped me to handle my AR15 .22lr far better. My very best wishes
    to you.

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