Top 3 Most Devastating Strikes in a Street Fight

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46 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Devastating Strikes in a Street Fight

  1. DOFA says:

    so i see bigger bigger passion here, for they violence toward other persons, you obsession to hurting the people, maybe you dream to destroy the peoples body, watching them scream in the agony and crying so bad, maybe you genetic of devil.

  2. Don Carlo says:

    All of you asking beautiful questions here. Let me answer them for you. YES master Wong can beat Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Turtles, Horses, Humans (definitely), Any Bruce Lees out there, ETC ETC ETC…Human species and animal kingdom YOU name it good friends. He can do it Fucking all
    Have a blessed day! Fight in peace!

  3. kankupitbull2 says:

    This is all look cool. Ur good martial artist, very beautiful techniques.. But this way u show everyone how u can fight against the simple boxing techniques is wrong , just wrong.

  4. Johnn BERNIMAN says:

    I'm agree with these three "tools" but we can put some "degrees".
    First, the elbows : I'm agree. These are VERY effective and useful, in every situation, to deflect, to cover/protect/destroy the fist, the int/ext legs when U're low, destroy the opponent head/face, int/ext arms biceps…Everything!!!
    Second, the knees : only good to attack in the second time!! Because if U use it badly, U can get injures and be in bad situation, and in the impossibility of running away from your agressor!!!
    The head must be the last thing : if U're kinda trapped and U can't use the first two tools then it's probably the last choice but we know that these advices stand for a "not well trained defender" because a wrong head move can lead to severe injures and allow your agressor finish his work….

  5. Evil Tactical says:

    Hlo master i just wanna know that how could we remember such moves in a fight? i mean that during a fight, we only concentrate on fighting, and our mental situation doesn't allow us to remember these "professional" moves. I am beginner and want to know that does this secret lies in MUSCLE MEMORY ? If yes, please suggest me some ways to build up muscle memory, as i am a beginner to Wing chun.

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