TOP 3 MISTAKES People Make When Blocking Knife Attacks!!!



The Best Knife Defense strategy requires an understanding of the psychology of knife attacks. Please watch: This week we look at …

22 thoughts on “TOP 3 MISTAKES People Make When Blocking Knife Attacks!!!

  1. Doctor McGoveran says:

    I love this video…one thing the best knife is felt before it is seen…LOL lots of rough guys have a tiny pen knife they have it in their hand and only a half inch of blade showing..the other guy doesn't see the blade and when the knife guy throws a punch that is lousy in form and and the boxer ignores it, the boxer is split wide open. it is the opposite of thinking punch block a knife thrust..I appreciate the great hand speed you have and it make the lesson you teach harder to adapt to me..i am slower than you are I got to catch a shoulder to slow down the bicep to catch it and then the wrist, maybe move to the knuckles, but I will be stabbed trying to catch that hand or knuckles,,when I get far enough down the arm to the wrist or hand I will spin around and put that arm under my arm pulled out and drag the guy over to a wall or car or anything I can beat that hand on and punish that knife out of that hand.. I will be chanting never let go, never let go, the second I catch that wrist…my friend is a wing chun guy and he says "control the weapon at all costs" to long to chant..LOL that hand will never hold a knife again, because i will beat that hand against something and break all the bones, if the knife falls out I will keep beating and breaking those bones.might even chew on it. i wrote master wong a while back and told him I thought biting was a good thing in a fight..he said it was nasty and unsanitary, I said "I hope if you get in enough trouble to need a guys ear bite off I will be there and bite them."

  2. P St says:

    The first mistake those ppl do is trying to fight a knife bare handed at all. There might be situations when you have no other choice but in those situations it is all or nothing and anything goes. You will survive with luck only.

  3. Divine Might says:

    I find understanding how to use a weapon effectively and efficiently will be helpful. However must understand the most important things. Other thing to do. PROPERLY develop the deadly skills necessary. Then you CAN defend yourself at all.

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