Top 3 Best Ways To Sharpen A Knife – Knife Life Hacks

46 thoughts on “Top 3 Best Ways To Sharpen A Knife – Knife Life Hacks

  1. Carol Covey says:

    wow, I am almost speechless. first. stop heating your knives, that discoloration shows you have taken the hardness right out of them. no amount of sharpening will help them now. secondly the ceramic may possibly work. but I would fathom if your knife sharpener includes hot glue and a drill you probably shouldn't be on the wielding end of said knife.

  2. Frostdragon says:

    This is useful for restoring very badly damaged edges, as shown in the video. The last method of using ceramic cup to sharpen is the only one I would recommend for everyday use in a pinch.

    But just buy a proper sharpening stone. Please.

  3. BLoodyEx says:

    Ah great hack. I'll go buy a drilling machine and a glue gun now to ruin my expensive kitchen knives. Thanks. And I rly thought a sharpening stone is cheaper and totally worth it – lol. Stupid me.

  4. Joeg241974 Investigator says:

    what this moron fails to realize is number 1 extreme friction produces heat that can and will ruin the heat treat on the blade. number 2 and the biggest problem I see with all these methods is steel has a grain and everyone of these techniques are running tip to tang . the grain on a well made knife runs up and down spine to edge . all you are doing when you run from tip to tang is pushing the grain to the side . when a knife is sharpened going with the grain it stands the edge grain back up giving you micro serations that are key to cutting .

  5. Ant Mallett says:

    Dude, you forgot the hot melt glue for the last sharpening jig – will it still work as well as the awesome two jigs preceding it? And you seem to have left out the click-bait jig too…oh well, its probably just because you are a mind – numbingly dumb fucking cunt. Piss the fuck off of YT, asshole.

  6. Josh Jans says:

    wow.. these are terrible ideas. I don't think the knives are even hard anymore because you can see the color from heating them up. Probably for one of the 1000 degree knife videos.

  7. youderektube1 says:

    I just finished watching a guy fire a Glock that had been baked in a S'more; So, as you can well imagine, I was disappointed to find out that the thumbnail image of the knife blade in the drill shown on the menu, was not the way you chose to sharpen your knife.

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