Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators for Self Defense

This video gives the Top 25 pre-attack indicators for most self defense situations. If you are about to get in a fist fight watch for these non-verbal cues to give you …

20 thoughts on “Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators for Self Defense

  1. Dog Pack says:

    we been learning this by experience and reading online videos. phosfene gassing and the's anotehr gas they use we dont recall name so can't look it up. we got exhaust vents on now it was stron git's stron g phosfene they follow us with teh gas and at night it's so much strong after all day. plus we go tup night so at nightmaybe htey pup up the gas. the traffic patterns same and vents shutting noises up there and it's gassing they hide hteir noises in our noises or an alarm butis' in the vents. got to wonder what sympotms other gas has. the one we din'dt write down or remember from teh video clip. we can't look it up we dont know it. andfilm mkaing kinda teach us body langauge lots actually and thsi breaks it down more maybe. but you notice stuff a lot it teaches lots body language.
    you know one trick they do is talk to you till they get closet close and attack you. it is a trick. if you think abou tit – who wants to just chat to you? you're ignored! so it's out of place unusual and a trick.

  2. 2fast2block says:

    You have to see their hands constantly. But even with that a weapon is easy to hide in the hand itself or have one so close that it could be grabbed within a second.

    As a crook approaches they'll often briefly touch their weapon to check its position for reassurance. Watch if the tab their front waistline for a gun or knife or even just slide their thumb into a front pocket. Folding knives come out very quickly.

    If we can't leave when a sense of trouble is beginning, then we have to have the suspects keep their distance. Give them warning to keep their distance and if they enter it, then people have to make the call what their actions will be given the circumstances.

  3. Milan LeDuc says:

    great video! you can see many of those same posturing watching MMA fighters in the ring. Some are nervous energy as they get themselves worked up. others are attempts at hiding or disguising a fight stance.

    The words we choose and posture we take can do a lot to either disarm the situation or make it worse. Much of the actions taken by the aggressor, like invading personal space and pushing with their hands or chest, is an attempt to get a rise out of you and make you take a defensive stance. This is so they can claim, at least in their mind, you were an aggressor, and thus justify their actions.

    If you don't react in an aggressive or offensive manner, most of the time they will back off with a slew of insults against your manliness. Here, politics is the best hand to play. with an always calm demeanour, apologize (even if no apology is warranted) and make a peace offering such as a beer. more than likely (unless you slept with his sister) they will either calm down or go fight somebody else. Most aggressors want a willing participant.

    Now in the case where the aggressor is out to rob me, I carry a 1911.

  4. UNIDEN2211 says:

    Number four and five is the wind up or getting cocked for the strike, punch. That is the big one that says sucker punch coming.
    Number ten (and eleven) is watch the hands, and of course look for hidden weapon in the hand.
    I am going to suggest that by the time I go thru the check list and get to number fifteen that I should draw and shot the guy fiver or six times. Maybe seven or eight times. Just to be safe – just in case. Out of an abundance of caution.

  5. MrHarribalsonya says:

    Great video. Fights were an unfortunate weekly event in my youth going from a to b. It's been many years since i've been in any type of confrontation like that. Violence will always be a last resort for me. Your video reminded me of all that information i haven't had to utilize in awhile. Reminding me of when such and such did this and such and such did that. Long time since i've had to defend myself. So it was great to see a some reminders of what to look out for. Everything except the silence in the end. Subjectively my first instinct is to remove myself from the confrontation. So i'm nothing but silent in this matter. In a bar if someone wanted to fight they would have to follow me to my car in order for me to respond in self defense. In a traffic citation situation i've always retained my rights and fortunately for me. Every leo i've come in contact with after my childhood. Has conducted themselves lawfully. So my silence in regards to not violating my rights has always worked best for me personally. Or as my Sgt step father would say. "Silence isn't yellow". Thanks for the content JJ.

  6. SC Rider says:

    JJ, this is gold. Being behind the curve is were most vics find themselves b/c vics are peaceful, not looking to harm anyone etc. Is there any vid, books etc you know that could be used to get up to speed on Indicators?

    Ask b/c, best chance to avoid being a vic is to put first injury into the threat. But, have to explain to cops, DA jury, what you saw and how that caused you to form your opinion that attack was imminent. Thanks.

  7. Just Wayne says:

    Excellent video, I've always thought that when an attack is inevitable the best thing to do is make the first move as it often catches the aggressor off guard.
    I've saved myself a few times living by this, especially when someone comes over and says those classic pre fight words "what the F*** you looking at", because they've probably already decided they're going to land one on you as soon as you start to say something back.

  8. I am Negan says:

    Talk small, walk tall. is what I mean, don't waste your breath you'll need it in case you have to deal out a whooping. the attacker is using up O2 necessary for a prolonged fight. so get them to tell and whoop and holler, gives you time to plan, and execute an attack or diversion. In my experience it's worked well enough I'm alive and have all my pieces.

  9. I am Negan says:

    I've got better excuses for carrying a box-knife than anything else for defense/offense. that's me in a corner, I'll de-escalate at any cost. cuz I don't feel violence is a cause for anything but defending your life

  10. Richard Sabo says:

    Conflict avoidance and de-escalation techniques are necessary skills to have in your toolbox, but not all agressors can be avoided or de-escalated. These are all great tips for detecting the point at which the time for using those skills has ended, and the time for physical force has begun.

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