Top 20 Sword Fighting Anime Series You Have to Watch!



This is Another list of the Top Best samurai anime series that contains various sword fighting styles, battle clashes, and epic swords sounds that ignites the …

36 thoughts on “Top 20 Sword Fighting Anime Series You Have to Watch!

  1. Akif Emir Bilici says:

    Someone help !! Looking for an anime like Kimetsu no Yaiba and Owari no Seraph, I love it when everyone has specialities like the demon swords in Owari and breathing techniques in Kimetsu. I also love it when the main charachter is somehow op or special. Heeeellp.
    PS: Also here are some of the sword/fighting/magic based animes that i like most. Nanatsu no Taizai(op main group, nonstop action and sometimes unnecessary character development), Sword Art Online(op swordsman), HxH(nen system)

  2. Delabeled says:

    Gintama was always more of a comedy anime to me than a "sword fighting" The sword fights there where nothing really special or epic, the anime itself was halarious and epic in it's own unique way. I would have ranked Rurouni Kenshin as #1 and Samurai Champloo as #2 personally. But it is not my top 20. The best top 20 I have seen anyone do of any genre though. (Although that might be because my opinion is very similiar to yours) Well done!

  3. Wanghak Kuma says:

    Afro samurai
    These three r my favourite which I still remember,!!!!
    Now let me what else r here!!!!!
    & How amazing it will be???!
    Samurai champloo
    Is amazing too!!!!

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