Top 10 wing chun techniques

Top 10 wing chun techniques wing chun kung fu For more Videos Subscribe to me ➜ Here is the full playlist: …

39 thoughts on “Top 10 wing chun techniques

  1. RKZ 0055 says:

    I like that I tried with my cousin and he started crying.
    I should have to try on somebody else.
    I have a question for you master.
    Where to practice solo kung fu and when master?

  2. SBGA says:

    That face and sound is everything boys! They are very basic of Wing Chun. Because of this reason, the master speaking and teaching with his face so energetic. When you guys totally master how to sounds like PAM! POW! TSHAM! KEHAA! that things, no one beat you. I'm PAM sure that.

  3. Aaron Pulling says:

    master wong, your moves are very basic and simple, but i would like to see you spar with someone who isnt getting paid by you , and isnt gonna do the same 'weak right, slap left' combo! how do you deal with a full powered uppercut flying towards your chin? how do you deal with someone trying to kick you in your big head with their shin bone? how would you deal with a grappler who shoots at your legs to take you down? how do you deal with someone on your back trying to put you to sleep?
    please show us your basic and simple moves for all fight scenarios!

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