30 thoughts on “Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

  1. Kevin Reilly says:

    Every person should have to watch this video. Hopefully, none of us will every end-up in the situation where we have to defend our own lives, but all of us should have to face the reality of that chance. Understanding it and just thinking about the moral arguments that involves has to help the odds of surviving such an event. This is a good video. These people do a nice job. These are great supliments to training.

  2. Jihad Muhammad says:

    well if you want to reduce a chance someone or some people might attack you, dont go alone, at least one person with you. I know this isnt the best bet but help a lot. I am a victim of bullying and crime. criminals like attacking someone who alone ( same with bully) and looks weak. some bullies and cri.minals will work in group at least 2 people, if you forced to go alone, go as fast as you can to your destination and make sure to dont look confuse.

  3. Mike says:

    Great summation. But some points might conflict. For instance, you say we shouldn't believe in fight finishers, but you also say that fights do end in sucker punches, which is a fight finisher that many have worked into an art form. The sucker punch and the knife is also a fight equaliser for size; so while size matters, the street is much more multifaceted. A bare knuckle punch to the face by an excon who whacks a literal sandbag all day with his bare fists quite differs from being hit by a prescribed 15 oz glove with headgear on, at 30% power, with a coach to stop things anytime it roughens up too much, over padded floor.

  4. Patrick k says:

    My background of eight martial arts says this guy is the best. Not bragging, my martial art background was mostly learning stuff that doesn't work. I do though have the perspective to understand this guy is the best.

  5. tomi3557 says:

    Reality check on calling the cops:

    1. You have a cellphone in your hand.

    2. You somehow manage call the cops.

    3. Proceed to wait 20 – 30 minutes or more for them to come to your aid depending on your location. 5 minutes if you're really lucky (even though fatal attacks can be accomplished in seconds).

    4. Now try surviving that much longer from multiple fatal stab wounds and slashes to the arteries in a knife attack possibly from multiple assailants as you patiently wait for help.

  6. Carlos Zanini says:

    I practiced krav maga some years ago and half is useless or works only against a totally untrained person who doesn't have a clue what is doing. The another half is developed to catch the agressor with low guard and he can't defend himself properly (like your headlock escape tutorial, for example). My "self-defense system" comes from years training boxe, muay thai and some BJJ, (basically MMA) mixed with awareness and preemptive solutions is the best of both worlds. We have too much bullshit in martial arts and some are very dangerous teaching people how to get killed. By my experience, the best system is talk your way out, avoid fight, even if you have to give up your cell phone or be dirty and run, I rather be alive and in jail than dead.. Great video, man.

  7. Geneva Mode says:

    About number 10, there's a catch. If you seemingly diffuse the situation and get the money, a smart criminal might pretend to walk away to get distance before turning around and shooting you. If you're out in the open without cover, you're done for. He's already going to prison for robbery, what does he care if he murders you? He might even get away with it if he's able to hide the evidence.

  8. Priest ko says:

    You hit me back that's not allowed you are supposed to fall down when I hit you.And you didn't move the way I trained in….Great video, common sense. Combatives/krav maga 2 of the worst reality based so called self defense, all done with compliant students….

  9. Knight Wolf says:

    some of them are right
    mma is nowhere the most realistic self defense
    if someone got u on a hold tapping out is never the option
    this is why i think mma fighter would not last in a street fight
    the most realistic self defense martial arts are krav maga, jeet kune do and kali
    i would say if there is a chance always aim for the eyes and groin and get the hell out
    you cannot train your eyes or groin
    the weapon i actually carry out in a street is actually a pen because technically it is not a weapon it is a writing tool and if you injured someone on the street you can easily claim i used it for self defense and i use it for writing
    the judge will understand your point
    if i disarm a gun i would actually have the gut to shoot the attacker on their leg or arm just to scare them off and see if there is actually bullet in the gun
    if there are no bullets then i would throw the gun at the attacker as a distraction and then hit them on the vulnerable here that is available to me and then run away
    overall excellent video

  10. forgodani says:

    Then what is worth learning? Of course, MMA or Krav maga is happening in different situations, but what do you suggest learning then to get the knowledge and (possibly) the experience?

  11. Tech Set Studios says:

    if you get the gun you should either run with it then drop it when you get far enough away and take it apart (take out the mag and take the top part (the part you cock) off so he will not be able to use it before he finds it and fixes it

  12. KPikklefield says:

    Once you really learn a self defense system you don't have to be taught a specific set of moves for every situation. Your body reacts one hundred percent to whatever goes down whether or not you have ever been shown how to defend against a particular attack. So stop bashing what you don't know just to promote what you're trying to make money on. You're misinformed and misleading everyone who watches this.

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