Top 10 Methods of how to defend yourself when UNARMED Against A Knife Attack or Threat – Part 1

This is a first clip from our Series. Top 10 Unarmed Defense Against A Knife Attack or Threat. In part one, we introduce you to the inside and outside forearm …

41 thoughts on “Top 10 Methods of how to defend yourself when UNARMED Against A Knife Attack or Threat – Part 1

  1. Monroe Kelly says:

    Very well made and explained video. However, the techniques presented are questionable at best. More the instructor’s theory than proven tactics. In a blade attack one might want to get off line, not stand in front of the opponent. It’s also not a good idea to attempt a disarm by coming into contact with the blade. The attack will be a fluid encounter with your adversary constantly moving. Assuming you can leverage the flat portion of the blade is wishful thinking.

  2. Just me Just me says:

    So much bullshit, I don't think you've even tried this against someone with a practice knife. Knife manipulation, joint manipulation all bullshit, too easy to counter because it takes too long. Silat and eskrima both have been practicing each style for 3+ years, both convinced they can defend against me with a practice knife and them with empty hands. The jabber about joint locks, knife manipulation, they convinced themselves that it works. I ask for a practice knife and for them to show me how it works against an attacker, me. After a few rounds of failure they wonder why their techniques don't work, so I tell them. Time, the longer something takes to pull off the easier it is to counter. Oh and one of those two people is an instructor, a well respected instructor of eskrima. He is actually internationally respected. I'm not dinging eskrima by the way, but even instructors can think they understand something well when they don't. This older instructor knows his technique well and if I had a knife and he had two sticks or a machete I would stand no chance. But him with empty hands and me with a knife, what he thinks would work I've shown him with a practice knife that it does not. Test your techniques you show here on someone with a practice knife and is countering your defense technique, you may find a rude awakening and the need to refine it more.

  3. Eric Draven 3772 says:

    Your disarms and strips are very similiar Kalis Illustrisimo-naturally in an unarmed encounter against a blade the odds are stacked highly against you but ur techniques are solid if running or defanging the snake with a weapon of your own is not an option. More than likely you WILL get cut attempting a disarm but these techniques will at least give u fighting chance to live to tell about it. Ive pulled off a few of these disarms in realtime noncooperative training. Sometimes it worked for me, and sometimes it didnt, but it is definitely better than not knowing anything at all or some other techniques that ive seen on YouTube that it is clear that has never been tested-at least in a non-cooperative fashion.

  4. g00gleyes says:

    ok what if he just moves his knife arm away before you can slide down lol. seems like you would have to use both hands simultaneously in that situation, so in practice it would make more sense to always do it that way since relying on your opponent being dumb is a bad gamble.

  5. Eric Holsinger says:

    I hate to add to the choir here, but yes this is terrible technique. Never draw a gun that close to an attacker with an already drawn knife. Don't try and break a nearby bike stand to get a weapon. You'll be cut to ribbons while trying to secure a new weapon. The weapon that you need is in the hands of your attacker. If that's what is there already, make that your objective. Don't go for something else.

  6. wilamoproductions says:

    No, no, no this is NOT REAL! I know you have good intentions in teaching the public to defend themselves, & it’s probably not your fault because that’s what your instructor had showed you, BUT this is NOT REAL! Just a lot of FANTASY! .. We as martial arts instructors have a huge RESPONSIBILITY with the public in teaching them proper & real technics that actually work! .. I was just like you teaching people gun & knife technics that was bunch “ hocus pocus “ that would never work in a real street situation! … So I had to be open minded & go outside of my art & train in the best gun/knife defense that ever exist! .. KRAV MAGA!

  7. Hoanghuy Nguyenngoc says:

    There is not always 100% chances to survive through the knife attack. If you want to survive, then you have to be cut inorder to fight back and find the way to escape. Those methods don't always work for various people. Oh, Btw, i'd love to see YOU on the security camera when you are in real situation. Really hate your sarcasm, sir.

  8. Chris Baldwin says:

    I always love reading the comments from the armchair commandos on these types of videos. "This'll get you killed!", Etc. ,etc…well, here are a couple observations from a 30 -year corrections veteran with some experience in stabbing incidents:
    1. The guy is trying to kill you, so you're already getting killed. Whatever you try can't get you killed worse.
    2. Diligent practice in any solid defense technique will increase your chances, but no one strategy is a guarantee of survival.
    3. If the guy grabs onto you with his free hand, your chances of survival plummet precipitously.
    4. Personally, I believe that you are much safer trying to disarm the attacker from behind than from the front. If you can manage to arm drag either the knife or free hand and attack from the back, you probably won't die (if you have skills to disable him).

  9. ShenLong TIGER says:

    Not all attackers are right handed… what if he's left handed? Another angle kind of practice? Things happens so fast. My first reaction would be evading, via moving backwards to not get knifed then by all means try to grab his hand with the knife as much as possible to get the knife, or if i can't get the knife, i'd hit him on his soft spot so i can run like hell

  10. Robert Bernard says:

    How easy is it to grab his arm if he is moving the knife all over the place like you mentioned as you don’t know when he will strike and in the meantime? I would assume it would also be difficult to attempt a strike against him with his arms and knife moving all over the place?

  11. J The Business Man says:

    pretty good, I agree with the redirection of the blade. The one thing I did not see you do was immobilize the enemy. For example, gain advantage by a controlled neck technique or taking the knee. Effective chin- na techniques when applied well would snap that wrist.

  12. Jukka Jaatinen says:

    Dear Sir, nothing personal but this pure crap with NO real application at all. Having said this it's always better to try to do something but this will get you hurt. Disarms in general are only options when the assailant has been given absolutely something else to think than trying stab/cut you. In reality it means the assailant has been hurt some way to a mode passive mode and then it might be safe to try to disarm him/her. People, please forget these theoritical techniques. All the best.

  13. John Radford says:

    The are so many variables to this. It's definitely not an exact science.
    What if you don't catch the arm you get stabbed.
    What if he comes in at a different angle you get stabbed.
    What if he dummies you then strikes you get stabbed.
    Two hands grabbing the knife arm means he can hit you with his other hand.
    I think keeping distance or getting so close in there is no leverage are the two best options with a possible powerful counter strike whilst coming in.
    However you need all the luck and all the possible variables to be in your favour to stand a chance.
    I am not sure if there are any experts in unarmed knife fighting. It's not really something you can keep getting wrong in real life situations then say ok let's try that again.

  14. wattage power says:

    thanks for the video I thought it was brilliant any technical help when facing a knife is daunting at the thought of using it I'll practice your technique so I'll be a bit more confident but not over once again thank you so much it's helped me so much thank you

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