Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R. Self Defense: Fear, Survival, & Weaponizing the Flinch



Self defense pioneer Tony Blauer explains some life-saving skills and ideologies in this 1+ hour seminar. The S.P.E.A.R. system weaponizes the human flinch, …

49 thoughts on “Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R. Self Defense: Fear, Survival, & Weaponizing the Flinch

  1. Laura Martins says:

    Good video, but he's using the word "asocial", when he actually means "antisocial". Big difference. Antisocial types are the ones who are going to start a fight, asocial types just want to have nothing to do with you, they'll leave you alone, and want to be left alone.

  2. Andy Mathey says:

    Very cool stuff. He didn't quite say it, but its like harnessing the adrenal system to make it work for us, rather than getting frazzled by it, right? All of that potential energy, lightning speed, increased strength (like mom lifting car off baby..) available in the adrenals gets resistance trained rather then pretending we got no fear at all….

  3. hasan morris says:

    Tony Blaeur seems to teach the way a very concerned father would. I believe that has actually made him master teacher. He has developed a lot since his TRS direct days.

  4. Austin Haedicke says:

    There is so, so, so much good information here! It definitely warrants several re-watches. I have been binging on Tony's podcast during quarantine, but it's cool to know that years before I ever knew who Tony was, my self defense mentality was / is that: though I LOVE grappling the most, use my boxing to 1) create distance then 2) assess the situation (look for exit, weapons, additional attackers, etc…). The truth doesn't lie! Good shit.

  5. CAGE QUEST says:

    great vid, amazing information. some people may just feel what he's explaining. like I've never been in a fight but I've noticed this mentality running through my cerebral, in other words, playing dumb, so it seems. plus I visualise scenarios where I have to counter an attackers striking attacks

  6. Alfredo Nichlosa says:

    What you have here is a McDojo Sensei. A guy who’s never been in a street fight before teaching self defence classes. I’m a blue belt in BJJ and even I can tell you everything he’s saying is wrong. I’ve trained mma and jiu jitsu at multiple gyms and universally across the board when the coaches talk about street fights they always say how completely unpredictable it is. You can’t assume anything, an untrained guy can be dangerous because you have no idea what he’ll try to do. This ass hat has all these specific dumb as hell scenarios in his mind, you can tell he sits around a lot of his day just thinking of conflicts and solutions to them. I’d fucking love to have a full on MMA spar with that dude and humble him, i don’t even consider myself good, but I’d man handle him. If you wanna learn to fight join a mma or boxing gym, don’t listen to a word this dude says.

  7. k9 aid says:

    Interesting my son when younger could not ride his bike through barriers on each side of the sidewalk trail. He said this year that his problem was he could not stop looking at the barrier and would ride into its in everyday life

  8. Sir James says:

    A buddy of mine lived with me for 6 months and we trained various martial arts. We would have days that for 24 hours someone could just attack you without notice. You would be eating your breakfast cereal and get slapped in the throat. That shit will develop your fight intuition for real.

  9. Jayden Van vuuren says:

    thank you a legit self defense trainer. ive seen a few guys heads got stomped in after they where on full gaurd beating somone.. if its a friend or a guy passing that Thought you bully someone

  10. Callum Doyle says:

    So if you’re experienced in martial arts use spear as a compliment (bridge) to your next movement to control/finish your attacker and if you’re not use it to setup an opening to run , that’s smart.

  11. AZ Battle School says:

    Been following Tony for years, I think how much he talksTurns some people off, it’s solid information and the techniques are good. It would just be great if you got to the techniques a little sooner

  12. Angels Joker says:

    Very interesting presentation and apparently very well thought out and analyzed concept. But he didn't really answer the question about the incoming straight punch at around 52:45 onwards and sneaked around by telling the story how the system response worked well for Mir when Nogueira shot in for a takedown.
    I'd say the flinch response is safer with a double arm head cover like Lee Morrison proposes (i.e. youtube: UC Class Counter Offensive Dynamic). Morrison works with a similar dynamic, exploding into the attacker, albeit not with outside 90 arms, but with a spearing ellbow (no pun intended) from the double arm head cover which offers more protection to the head. The initiative before differs as Morrison works from a "fence" base like Geoff Thompson whose perspective was mainly influenced by the confrontations he had as a bouncer (youtube: Geoff Thompson The Fence). Tony Blauer's Trojan Horse concept is an interesting idea, but I don't really like the low hands and acceptance of an unbalanced stance just to deceive the attacker. Sometimes a sucker punch is just too fast for low hands/unbalanced stance, thus building the fence gives you more protective space in the first place from where the flinch response has a bigger chance to succeed. And in the scenarios displayed in this video with the victim leaning against the wall, having the weight only on one leg, an attacker might have easily sucker kicked that standing leg as even though most sucker punches are head hunting, an attacker would have easily seen the unstable one legged body structure, thus attacked that part first.

  13. EW W says:

    This guy is the real shit, I started watching his material about 23-25 years ago. I still own some of those early vhs tapes and it is still ahead of its time..I remember them simulating an attack in a motel where tony starts smothering his training partner with a pillow while this guy is sleeping. The fight was own..This guy has been training for reality long ago on so many levels. I really appreciate everything this guy has shared with us..

  14. work days says:

    Yes good street practice. My chi soul is used from controlled fear reaction like my arms are paranoid and being able to hit from any angle even being pushed back

  15. Tamaki Amajiki says:

    My problem is I don't flinch 9/10 I watch it happen and my body doesn't respond I have to force myself to react- why? Because I think I can at least protect myself a little by always clenching my jaw and expecting to get hit (stupid I know XD)

  16. NOBULL ziggster says:

    That Power or energy goes from the opposite foot/ it pushes off the weight n energy /up through n to the knee then travels to that hip and cross to the other hip/ leading foot side, then up to that shoulder n finally to the elbow and hand as the weight of the foot hits the floor…lol did I over think that ??? feels right…Thank You

  17. Jordan says:

    1:00:15 Shout out to the ol' Glasgow kiss lol I'm really interested by the concepts and mindsets this guy illustrates here , definitely gonna try and incorporate them into my self defense training.
    Great vid , all the best from Scotland.

  18. Mushin Ryu says:

    I am so happy to see this kind of video. I have done similar training in my dojo many times, the best training. I never thought about organized it like it looks like Mr. Blauer has or even called it SPEARS. Hope you are successful in Las Vegas.

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